Dan Bongino blasts Karine Jean-Pierre for dodging Biden docs questions: ‘She’s uniquely bad about it’

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“Unfiltered” host Dan Bongino called the White House for questioning about the investigation of classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center and at President Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home. On “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Saturday, Bongino argued that the responses given by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre show how “devastating” this is for the Biden administration.

BIDEN’s white house is pounding on several questions revolving around the secrecy of classified documents

DAN BONGINO: Let’s just say about Karine Jean-Pierre. Can we all agree that she is really serious about this? Now, that might be a compliment. Jen Psaki was a very good liar. I mean, like the top tier, 99 percentile, way above average in her landing skills. Karine Jean-Pierre he’s just really, really bad at this. Like, what is it, guys? What I don’t understand is why she trots out there to go out there and just humble herself, like, “Oh, here are your two answers. Process, Mention. Process. Contact the Department of Justice. Call you to Justice. Share What is it?

Karine Jean-Pierre goes out there, I guess, I don’t know, for her strange belief, every day and just humbles herself. She doesn’t know anything. She has no ability to think on her feet. She has no abilities to think from the past. And yet the Biden team keeps pushing her out there to embarrass her. “I’m going to bring you to Justice. We’re going to respect the process.” And the reason she keeps saying this is because any response she gives off the cuff is going to be devastating because this is a terrible scandal for the Biden administration. Listen, I never take notes for these passages, but I actually wrote some things down. And this is very bad, guys. You know, SCIF right? … It stands for compartmented sensitive information resource, right? SCIF information is top secret. You must be read in these programs. When I was making leadership advances in my last line of work and the president was traveling overseas, I’d watch them build SCIFs—white noise, generators, blackouts, everything. . So the president abroad can read sensitive, restricted documents. Because these documents, which cannot be read outside of SCIF, are not found somewhere, either in Joe Biden’s Garage, in his Corvette glove box or whatever, or his funny think tank titled U Penn. You understand what a devastating breach of protocol and possibly the law this is. That’s why the answer is every time ‘process. I want to refer you to the Department of Justice.’

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