Dani Alves testifies as trial over sexual assault allegations ends; expected decision in weeks

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A three-day trial centered on the allegation that Dani Alves sexually assaulted a former Brazil international ended in Barcelona on Wednesday after the player and the prosecutor gave evidence. The trial began on Monday when Alves’ lawyer unsuccessfully argued before a three-judge panel that the case should be dismissed. The prosecutor gave evidence later in the day behind closed doors and her voice was distorted in an attempt to protect her privacy and to avoid Alves about the account that the pair met at a high-end nightclub and that she went to -willingly enter a bathroom with him. She claims that when she wanted to leave, he wouldn’t let her and he proceeded to slap her, insult her and force her to have sex on the morning of December 31, 2022.

Alves was arrested on January 20, 2023, in connection with the case and has been in prison since then, as his requests for bail were rejected because the court believed that he was a flight risk. He has denied the accusations, insisting at first that there was no sexual contact between him and the woman but later saying that there was a sexual incident but that it was consensual. Alves said he initially denied having sex in order to save his marriage.

A friend and cousin of the prosecutor who was present that night also said on Monday that after the prosecutor got out of the bathroom, she was upset and said that Alves ” seriously injured,” according to the Associated Press. The next day, police officers who attended the prosecutor said she was “very shaken up” and was afraid “no one would believe her.” An officer also said the woman said, “I’m not want money, I want justice.” On Wednesday, a former psychiatrist told the court that the woman was suffering from “post-traumatic” symptoms, which was disputed by a witness for the defense.

A friend of Alves’ who was also at the night club, at the same time, said that he drank wine and whiskey, which Alves’ wife also acknowledged when she told the court on Tuesday that he came home “smelling of alcohol. ” Alves’ friend also said that the player and the prosecutor had “chemistry” when they were dancing that night and that he did not notice anything wrong with the woman after she left the bathroom.

Alves himself testified on Wednesday that he again denied the account and told the court, “I’m not the type of person; I am not a violent person.

A decision could take weeks, which is normal in such cases. State prosecutors are seeking a nine-year prison sentence if convicted, while the prosecutor’s lawyers are seeking 12 years. Alves’ attorney is seeking acquittal and, if convicted, a one-year sentence and $54,000 in restitution for the defendant.

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