Daniel Regha recently questions OGB for splashing millions on a brand new G-Wagon

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Daniel Reghacontroversial critic, questions the source of the wealth of popular skit producer OGB Recently after his recent acquisition.

Gistlover said OGB had bought a brand new G-Wagon costing millions of naira.

In response, Daniel Regha questioned the source of income of the content creator due to the amount of money spent.

His words: “OGB_recent just bought a new G-wagon; Again, what does he do for a living or how much money does he spend?”

Netizens lost the famous critic in the comment section, for wanting to know where his income came from in return.

Reply to mail;

@STARBOY GUCCI asked: “What do you do for a living but question what people do for a living? Let’s start from you first. “

@MUBI claims: “The frauds most of them dey do”

@Nasr said: “This is your post 3/10. It’s always good to ask if you don’t know. There is a limit to what you can ask, even if someone is engaging in questionable activities and using unfunny comedy to cover it up; it’s not supposed to be your business. No offense.”

@BIG GRACE asked: “@DanielRegha no one on this app knows what you do for a living, but you are always cooking, how can you do that without work, where do you see money to buy food? @officialEFCC please look into Daniel Regha’s case, he may be involved in fraud. “

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