Darius Daulton Jackson denies Keke Palmer’s abuse allegations

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Darius Dalton Jackson reportedly denied being abusive towards him Keke Palmer. According to TMZ, sources close to the actress’ co-parent explained the recent change in home screen shots.

Last week, Keke and Darius swept the headlines and rocked social media after Palmer filed for full custody of their son Lewis. Not only that, the entertainer asked for a restraining order against Darius Daulton Jackson.

A judge granted Keke Palmer a temporary injunction and temporary custody of the child. Darius is prohibited from being within 100 feet of Palmer or Leo and has no visitation rights at this time, according to Radar. The former couple, who separated in October per Keke, reportedly had a court hearing on December 5 regarding the orders.

NEWS: Keke Palmer was granted a temporary restraining order against Darius Daulton Jackson

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Darius Daulton Jackson’s Source explains what led to Keke’s recent change

In the first recording, Keke Palmer provided screenshots of a violent, physical interaction with Darius. Screenshots of home photos dated Nov. 5 show Darius Daulton Jackson apparently grabbing Keke’s hands before pushing her off the couch.

A source close to the young father confirmed that the incident in November started with Darius wanting to take Leo to watch football. The source says Darius texted Keke, and when he arrived to pick up, the baby wasn’t home.

It is not clear whether Keke had agreed to let Darius take the baby before he came. In her court docs, she claims Darius trespassed into her home.

Leo’s absence reportedly sparked an argument. Sources say Keke called her mother, Sharon Palmer, during the argument. Sharon was reportedly “screaming [at and] sending Darius out” and threatening to “put a bullet in his head.”

As seen in the home photos, Darius Daulton Jackson then tried to keep the phone from Keke’s hands.

Keke Palmer says police advised her to file for a restraining order. Meanwhile, TMZ’s sources say that police “found no probable cause for the arrest.” [Darius] for domestic violence.” He denies abusing Keke.

In the midst of that interaction, Darius’ mother texted Sharon Palmer, saying she planned to file a police report for the gunshot threat. Sharon shut down Jackson’s mother, alleging that Darius “strangled his own sister” and that he “has anger issues”.

“…If so [Darius] attack my daughter in herself [home] where she pays the bills, he is committing a crime, and anything can happen, so he should stay away. You should be ashamed of yourself for raising a man who fights women,” Sharon texted back.

Swipe below to see the text exchange.

Keke Palmer details acts of abuse by Darius

The November incident is not the first, Palmer said in court documents. Home footage from February 2022 shows Darius confronting Palmer near a stairwell before allegedly shoving him into them.

The night before that confrontation, Keke said he beat her on the bedroom floor and hit her in the head. That situation, she says, started with Darius being jealous of a bikini photo.

Incidents like this have plagued their relationship since they started dating in June 2021, Palmer said. Darius is said to have created a circle of love bombing him, only to be “very distant and cold over a perceived insult to him.” “

Keke also said that some of his violent outbursts have happened in front of their eight-month-old son. This includes an interaction in September 2023 where Darius Daulton Jackson is said to have been disturbed by the child’s crying. When Keke tried to grab the baby, they had a “tug of war with Leo” before Darius let go and “hit” Keke in the head as she tried to calm the baby down.

She also claims that Darius has destroyed her personal property in the past, including her prescription glasses and diaries.

Sharon Palmer defended her daughter in a video on Thursday (November 9). This happened after Darius’s elder brother, Sarunas Jackson, apparently calling Keke the “most disgusting, mean, abusive and manipulative person” he knows. In her testimony, Sharon said she told Jackson “over a year ago” about his brother’s abuse. In a comment on TSR’s Instagram page, he denied parts of the alleged conversation.

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