Deavan Clegg reveals harrowing incident involving his daughter

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90-Day Fiancé cast member Deavan Clegg shares an incident involving her seven-year-old daughter, Drascilla, that left the child terrified.

West 90 Latha Fiann star Deavan Clegg revealed how someone used her seven-year-old daughter Drascilla’s phone number to send “terrible” messages to people. Fans may remember Deavan from 90 Day Evidence: The Alternative Way seasons 1 and 2, in which she starred alongside her now husband Jihoon Lee from South Korea. Deavan and Jihoon had a rough married life, full of financial and trust issues. In 2020, Deavan, who had relocated to Ilsan, moved to the United States and claimed that Jihoon had abused her daughter.


Former model Deavan started dating Topher Park when she returned to America and in October 2022, she welcomed a new baby with him. But Deavan also had a rough year thanks to her middle son Taeyang’s cancer diagnosis, and 2023 isn’t looking any better for the Utah native. Deavan posted and deleted an Instagram update (via u/hazelastname) talking about her daughter’s phone number being copied. It seems that the people who got “terrible“messages from posted number”false addition” with Deavan’s father’s name in retaliation, causing her daughter to be spammed.

I asked these people to stop and leave us alone and that it is not us“, wrote Deavan. According to the young mother, the people are also messaging her followers and people close to her “these texts to harass us.

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90-Day Fiancé fans call out Deavan’s Instagram ad

Deavan Clegg from Fiann 90 Latha: The Other Way

Please know that it is not us and it is all fake,” said Deavan, who looked forward to taking legal action against the culprits once their identities are revealed. Under the Reddit post, several 90 Latha Fiann viewers wrote them “you don’t understand what’s going on at all.” Someone asked why a seven-year-old child needs a phone number. “How did they get the phone number to ‘copy’ it? A fake ‘put’ in her father’s name to spam the child?,” asked OhEmGeeShelly. “Deavan is one of those people who is always in the middle of the drama, mainly because she is the one who creates it,” added user cocochipjelly. Most followers in the thread were not ready to believe Deavan’s claims. A few suggested that Deavan should change the child’s number as soon as possible.

Deavan has moved away from 90 Latha Fiann suffrage since she went on The Other Way Season 2. It was rumored that Deavan and Jihoon were not invited to the Tell-All, while Deavan herself revealed that she was filming a documentary that would tell the truth about their breakup. In the midst of caring for three-year-old son Taeyang while battling acute b-cell lymphoblastic leukemia, Deavan officially divorced Jihoon in May 2022. It is unknown where Jihoon is now, but he is receiving negative comments on Instagram for not bothering to post about his sick son.

Deavan and Jihoon were idols 90 Latha Fiann pair, even if they are controversial. But their story did not end, because their ending showed that they were happy and together. Deavan recently shared her story with Jihoon on The Other Way it was 96 percent fake, and that both of them stayed in their failed relationship only because they were getting paid. Since there are no chances of Deavan returning to the show, fans have no choice to hear her truth if not for her social media updates, which they also think are or – reliable.

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Source: Deavan Clegg/Instagram, u/hazelastname/Reddit

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