Delta responds after flight attendants prevent Bobbi Storm from singing

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Bobbi Storm is floating on cloud nine after claiming to have received two Grammy nominations on Friday (November 10). To celebrate her achievement, the gospel singer wanted to sing her voice in the sky. But a Delta a flight attendant wasn’t here for him and she threatened to take Bobbi off the plane if she didn’t sit down and be quiet.

Here’s what happened between Bobbi’s storm and Delta’s flight direction

A video that is now viral shows Bobbi standing in the middle of the aisle of economy class as a waiter approaches her. It seemed that someone sitting in the same aisle as Storm was recording and continued to do so as the attendant asked Storm to sit down.

He can be heard saying to her, “No,” “Sit down,” and “Be quiet” as Storm went back to her seat. She agreed to sit down but said the “seat belt sign” was “off”. Storm replied, “It’s no big deal once you hear it,” but the waitress signaled that she would stop performing.

After Storm was seated, she revealed to the surrounding passengers that she was “I used to sing on planes a long time ago.”

“I found out I’m up for two Grammys. My first time, you guys,” she said as nearby passengers clapped. “My name is Bobbi Storm, and I’m up for two Grammys. I will sing to the Lord, and my song is out on every stage. It’s called “We Can’t Forget It.”

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At this point, the waitress led Bobbi to her seat and stood nearby as she spoke before walking away. She revealed that she wanted to sing when she “first got on the plane” but hadn’t done so in a while. Storm later admitted that she has “sung on over 50 airplanes” in the past.

At the same time, the flight attendant did not support him. When she spoke, he interrupted her, asking, “Are you going to be quiet?” When she said that the passengers were enjoying her efforts, the waiter replied, “I don’t like it, so I’m asking if you can be quiet. ”

Bobbi then continued, asking if she would be kicked off the plane for not complying. Finally, the attendant agreed that she would not “take this flight” if she could not follow his instructions as a flight director. When she agreed to be quiet, the guide walked away. Bobbi Storm then proceeded to quietly sing her song and plug Maverick City Music – a contemporary gospel group.

Swipe below to see the entire interaction.

For context, Bobbi is a featured speaker on ‘The Maverick Way’ by Maverick City Music. The album received a nomination for “Best Gospel Album” in the 66th annual show. Bobbi is featured on the song “Firm Foundation.”

Maverick City Music, along with Chandler Moore and Naomi Raine, also received a “Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song” nomination for “God Problems”. Bobbi Storm is not listed in the song’s credits, but the track is on the album ‘The Maverick Way’.

Delta reaches out to Bobbi & apologizes

After the flight, Bobbi shared the interaction on her Instagram feed. In the comments section, she asked fans not to “report this man, shame him or do anything negative” on her behalf. However, it seems that fans have decided to stand ten toes behind the gospel singer – eventually forcing Delta to call Bobbi’s line.

“They contacted me. So whoever said it, I can’t say thank you because I don’t want this man to be criticized, where he loses his job. I just want us to remember how we treat each other and no rules were broken, and it was just me spreading my joy with people after they had that chance, ” said Storm.

Bobbi Storm says she hopes the man “learns a valuable lesson about how to treat people.”

See her update below.

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