Diablo Cody is ready for a sequel to Jennifer’s Body, but are you?

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Diablo Cody says she wants a sequel to Jennifer’s Body and reflects on the revival that is growing on the film over the years.

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Jennifer’s body it was a box office failure when it was released fifteen years ago, but it has developed quite the cult following, so much so that writer Diablo Cody is ready for a sequel.

While speaking to Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew Podcast, Diablo Cody shared her thoughts on the growing fruit. Jennifer’s body experienced since his release. “I mean it has made me happier. At first I was like, I was excited about it obviously, but I was also a little salty because I remember thinking, well where was this audience when the movie came out,” Cody explained. “It was a critical, commercial failure. I was very humbled to be completely honest with you. It was a rough experience when that movie came out. It was rough for me, it was rough for Megan [Fox]… [then] people suddenly started talking about it as if it was a good movie, which I had thought all along.

So, is it time to make a sequel Jennifer’s body? “THERE ARE! I want to make a sequel,” Cody said. “I’m not done with Jennifer’s Body. I need to find… I need to partner with people who believe as much as I do and that hasn’t happened yet. I need someone to believe in who has a billion dollars.Jennifer’s body stars Megan Fox as a newly minted high school cheerleader who kills and devours her male classmates, with only her best friend (Amanda Seyfried) standing in her way. The film originally received mixed reviews and only managed to bring in $31 million worldwide.

Diablo Cody has returned to the horror genre with Lisa Frankensteinhorror comedy”about a misunderstood teenager (Kathryn Newton) and her high school crush (Cole Sprouse), who happens to be a gorgeous body. After bringing back to life a set of shockingly fun situations, the two embark on a murderous journey to find love, happiness…“The film hits theatres 9 February.

Would you like a sequel to Jennifer’s body?

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