Did honor among thieves just kill a great D&D hero?!

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This article contains spoilers for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves one of TTRPG’s most famous heroes could be killed in a surprising twist. Based on the Wizards of the Coast role-playing game, originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Honor Among Thieves has proven to be a worthy change, and a lot of fun in its own right. Much of this positive response is due to the ensemble killing team, led by Star Trek’s Chris Pine, and the stunning effects work that brings the game’s amazing creatures to life.


Honor Among Thieves has been well received by both fans of the game and the general audience, even if some players questioned the film’s depiction of Doric’s transformation into an owl. Although the film has plenty to offer newcomers Dungeons & Dragons, Honor Among Thieves also packs in plenty of references and jokes to the TTRPG. In one of Honor among thieves’ most amazing cameos, the movie probably killed Elminster, one of Dungeons & Dragons’ most famous heroes.

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Elminister is one of Dungeons & Dragons’ greatest heroes


Elminster Aumar is one of Dungeons & Dragons’ the oldest and most famous characters. Created in 1967 and appearing in the Forgotten kingdoms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, Elminster is a grim, but powerful wizard. He is also known by his alias, Sage of Shadowdale. Many of his adventures can be read in the Elminster a series of novels, written by Ed Greenwood, the creator of the character.

In Honor Among Thieves, Elminster is depicted as the great-great-grandfather of Simon the Sorcerer and is referred to as the Great Wizard Aumar. Elminster appears to the unsuspecting wizard while wearing the Helm of Disjunction, mocking Simon for his lack of mastery of magic. However, it is Elminster’s teasing of Simon that ultimately sees the wizard unlock his true potential. Honor among thieves’ a picture of Elminster as Simon’s ancestor means that the wizard is long dead before the events of the film take place.

Why Honor among thieves killing Elminster makes sense

Justice Smith casts a spell in Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves

Although his death is not officially confirmed in the film, Elminster is dead Honor Among Thieves actually makes a lot of sense. Seeing as Elminster Aumar is one of Dungeons & Dragons’ most famous characters, an appearance from him alone was not expected Honor Among Thieves. Having Elminster as a vision within the film not only allows the character to cameo but also to appear in an unexpected way for fans Forgotten kingdoms, and the TTRPG as a whole. While Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves he might have killed one of them Dungeons & Dragons’ the most famous heroes, it really makes sense for the film.

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