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It’s never a bad time to come out of the closet, is it? How about right before you go to jail? Well this is exactly what this article is about, Todd Chrisley just a blast! Not only was he said to be gay but he had a long-term relationship with his former business partner Mark Braddock. All this happened while he was preparing to report to prison for a twelve year sentence, but what happened?

By now you may be wondering, what happened between Todd Chrisley & Mark Braddock besides business? And two, why is Todd Chrisley in prison for twelve years in a Florida prison? On the other hand, Mark Braddock, who is fifty-seven years old, said that he went through a homosexual relationship with Chrisley back in the 2000s. Nevertheless they broke off, and remained close until 2012.

More than ten years ago, Chrisley called the cops on Braddock in 2012. In fact, he used his own platform Chrisley Confessions podcast last Tuesday, to point out that there is no truth in Braddock’s accusations. Some of what was said on this podcast was very dark, without falling into stereotypes but it was a very gay drama! Here are all the details between real estate mogul partners in and out of business!

A real soap opera

A good thing in the twenty-first century is that we will all be able to easily create a platform to express our version of the realities that surround us. Instagram, TikTok and as in this case, podcasts, have become a way to put ourselves out there to the world. In this case Todd Chrisley shared his opinion in this whole drama that could make an amazing soap opera!

Chrisley felt particularly insulted not by being accused of having an affair with a man, but that it was with “someone who looked like Mark Braddock”. Another thing that was said on the Chrisley Confessions podcast was that Braddock’s testimony has shown many changes since the allegations began. Honestly, a sensitive story regardless of the subject usually shows this kind of inconsistency.

Anyway, leaving the gay drama aside and talking about the prison situation, it turns out to be the former Chrisley’s favorite the star has to face some costs. In fact the show was canceled for the same reason right after he was found guilty on not one but several federal charges. Yes, the prison situation has nothing to do with the gay situation.

To give a little more substance to this soap opera please note that Todd Chrisley is not alone in this and we are not talking about Braddock. Chrisley and his wife Julie Chrisley will report to their prisons in Florida on January 17. Recently he also brought his twenty year old son to the podcast and talked about the accusations he is getting.

“Someone who looks like a hammer”

Keeping up with the shady comments that appeared in Todd’s podcast, he said it was embarrassing to be related to someone who looked like a “hammer”. After the sentence was “Someone who says he only had sex with his wife and me. ” As if this was not enough, he said that he would not be embarrassed by this if it was said that he had sex with famous people like George Clooney.

However, Braddock is certainly not a celebrity like Brad Pitt, instead he has worked for important companies such as AT&T and SAP Software Solutions. Obviously, before he went into this job where he found Todd in 2005. While Chrisley goes to prison with his wife, Leslie, who is the Braddocks, has decided to keep to him despite his infidelity. In fact, they will continue to work together at a consulting firm.

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