Disney on Ice Skater in critical condition after fall

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A Disney on Ice player fell from a lift and remains in critical condition.

On Saturday (February 10), the traveling show was at the Target Center in Minneapolis. During the morning show about 40 minutes into the first half of the show, the skater shows Belle from Beauty and the beast, participating in pair skating with a male skater who represented The Beast/Prince. During a lift, she somehow fell into the ice, although it is unclear what exactly happened to cause her to fall.

In videos posted to social media, skater Belle was seen taking a hit while skater Beast/Prince looked on. Three workers in black clothes surrounded her off the ice and one was using a walkie talkie, probably to get help. The music and other skaters were still playing until minutes after she started to have a seizure at which point the music stopped. Then the other skaters cleared the ice.

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According to witnesses, within 20-30 seconds of the fall, the arena made a call saying the show would be halted and proceeded to turn off vertical lights, apparently for privacy. . The medical team on site were able to move her off the ice and set up a tent in the section where the ice met the ground. Later, the show continued to finish.

The skater was taken to the local hospital, Hennepin County Medical Center. On Sunday, reports from the medical center said she was still in “stable but critical condition.”

“Disney On Ice appreciates the well wishes of our fans as our cast member recovers,” Feld Entertainment, the company that owns the traveling show, said in a statement. the remaining shows in Minneapolis as planned until February 11.

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