Does the dog die in Prey and what breed is it?

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The Predator franchise has been one of highs and lows. However, we’d wager that most fans would argue mostly lows.

John McTiernan’s original 1987 film is an undisputed classic and introduced an unforgettable and destined to be iconic alien species. As tends to be the case, the film’s success led to a sequel but fans weren’t quite so impressed with the follow-up.

Since then we’ve seen the likes of Predators and Shane Black’s The Predator while also seeing the masked creature taken on another sci-fi icon in two Alien vs Predator movies. More recently, Dan Trachtenberg has brought the franchise back to its roots and offered something fans have been demanding for decades. A prequel.

Prey takes place in 1719 and tells the story of Naru (played by Amber Midthunder), a young Comanche warrior who attempts to prove herself as a hunter when a mysterious alien begins terrorising her community. She has the help of family and her four-legged companion Sarii.

However, some viewers may find themselves stressing out and demanding to know what happens to it. So, does the dog die in Prey?


Prey | cr. 20th Century Studios.

Does the dog die in Prey?

No, Sarii doesn’t die in Prey and survives encounters with the deadly Predator until the very end.

With that in mind, all you canine lovers out there can settle in and enjoy the film knowing that the dog comes out okay on the other end.

In horror movies, audiences are often compelled to feel protective of the dog because we’ve seen a number of emotional pet deaths in cinema over the years. It can sometimes feel like a dog has been placed there just to provide the movie with a heartbreaking death scene.

Alas, this isn’t the case with Prey.

What breed of dog is Sarii in Prey?

Sarii is an American dingo named Coco.

Cinemovie reports that the breed is often referred to as a Carolina Dog. For those unfamiliar, the dingo is a rare, primitive breed of dog that’s found feral in the Southeastern United States. So, not only is Sarii a great addition to the movie but an authentic one too.

Prey | Official Trailer



Prey | Official Trailer





‘I love having there be this buddy relationship’

During an interview with Dexerto, director Dan Trachtenberg spoke about working with Coco on the Prey set.

He described her as “super rambunctious. Very energetic. Always a nail-biting moment for us on set, ‘Is Coco gonna like, make her mark and do what she needs to do?’ It was sometimes a journey to get there, but eventually, she always did. It was very exciting, lots of cheers would happen when we finally got a great take with Coco.”

As for the reason he added Sarii, he cites Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior as an influence.

“I love having there be this buddy relationship with this creature, with another animal, amidst a Predator film,” he added.

Prey is streaming exclusively on Hulu and Disney+.

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