Doja Cat shaves head and eyebrows during Instagram Live

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Doja Cat made headlines after she shaved off her eyebrows on Instagram Live.

Here is everything you need to know.

Doja Cat debuts her new look

Doja Cat shocked her fans when she debuted her new bald look on her Instagram Live on 4th August Thursday.

However, before her fans could process the singer’s new bold avatar, she went on to shave off her eyebrows as well.

The 26-year-old artist revealed that she ‘never liked’ having hair, so she is getting rid of it.

She further said during the Live, ‘I feel like I was never supposed to have hair anyway. And, I don’t like having hair. I never liked having hair.’

The Say So singer continued, ‘I cannot tell you one time since the beginning of my life that I have ever been like ‘ok this is cool.’’

The California native added, ‘I would be working out, but I couldn’t focus because I was more concerned about how I looked. Or how my hair was doing, and how to keep it adhered to my scalp.’

She concluded by saying, ‘I can’t believe it took me this long to shave my f**king head.’

Fans react to Doja Cat’s bold look

Several fans of Doja Cat were not impressed by Doja Cat shaving off her head and eyebrows. They believe that she might be having a meltdown.

One fan wrote, ‘Wow, she was pretty before.’

A second fan said, ‘Public humiliation ritual.’

While another fan chimed in adding, ‘I think she’s going through something. She’s having a mental breakdown right in front of the world. I know she’s talked about retiring but when you’re in a contract, you can’t just walk away. Maybe she’s lashing out.’

Someone mentioned, ‘It’s looking like a meltdown. But hey, what do I know? Power to you sis.’

Moreover, another user mentioned, ‘She officially looks like Roger from American dad.’

One more fan commented, ‘Why she ain’t wax it off? All of them went in different directions. I hope she doesn’t get razor bumps.’

The next one tweeted, ‘Is she having a Brittany Spears moment, or is she just like this on a regular basis?’

Moreover, one fan pointed out, ‘Anytime someone born female shaves their hair: Britney, Demi, Doja, Jada Pinkett-Smith—they get treated with stark negativity.  Society needs to analyze why the obsession with hair and the association of loss of both worth and sanity when she/they shed that feature.’


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