Dr. Simone Whitemore Answers Fan Questions About Menopause

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The Shade Room’s ‘Hot and Bothered’ returns with its fifth episode this week.

And this time, Dr. Simone Whitmore with Miss Pat as they take questions submitted by their roommates regarding all things VMS and menopause.

Dr. Simone White gives advice on coping with menopause

One of the first questions came from Alicia, who described how her sexual drive had disappeared since she saw a decline in her ovarian function.

And since she is in a relationship, Alicia was curious to know how to handle the issue so that her husband would not accept that the lack of interest was his fault.

“Tell your husband that now is not a good time,” said Ms. Pat with a smile. “It’s hot like coffee, it has to wait until things cool down.” On the other hand, Simone mentioned the importance of effective communication. It’s not only about the physical aspects of menopause but also about the roller -emotional coaster that comes with it.

Simone believes this is the perfect time to express your feelings and concerns because, let’s face it, men are less familiar with menopause. Not to mention that her partner may not even know what it means. “It takes flirting and harder work to even get you thinking about sex,” says Simone.

But it all starts with being open about your menopause struggles.

How to deal with hot flashes at work

The second question came from Christine, who points out that she is the only person over 40 at the company she currently works for.

She has struggled with severe menopause, where her symptoms have ranged from hot flashes to anxiety, weight gain, insomnia and hair loss.

Dr. Pat says menopause is something all women go through, and it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of.

The accompanying hot flash, that sudden wave of heat that makes women want to take off their layers and stand in front of the nearest fan, is just as natural.

“As women we must remember that men have moms, sisters, grandmothers. They have heard the term ‘hot flash’ before. So, it’s okay to be in that male-dominated world and flourish. I have one all the time. Even when I’m on stage and I step back and say, ‘Look, give me a minute y’all. I’m burning up.’ Maybe they’ll give you some water.”

Yes, it can be surprising, especially when you are in the middle of a work meeting, and suddenly you feel hotter than a summer day in the Sahara.

But there is no need to be ashamed because the body naturally goes through these changes, and there is nothing to worry about, said Ms. Pat.

Another question came from a woman named Aliyah, who asked Simone for advice on how to treat her hot flashes and profuse sweating at night, a common symptom associated with menopause.

This is the time when your body’s thermostat tends to be higher than normal due to fluctuating hormone levels.

Times like these make women appreciate an air conditioner even more. But how would Simone deal with this issue that Aliyah was dealing with?

Find out more about Simone’s answer, as well as more questions from curious roommates, in the video below!

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