‘Dune 2’ could be delayed due to strikes

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While there are plenty of highly anticipated films on the horizon, Dune: Part Two this is probably the most eagerly awaited of them all. But we may have to wait a little longer. Due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, glamorous press junkets and red carpet premieres are largely on hold. Usually, when a movie is released, all the actors involved go on promotional shows, interviews, events, and of course, the opening night itself. As a result of the strike, they are specifically prohibited from doing so. It’s not a big deal to promote any past or future work done by a unionized company.

according to DifferentWarner Bros. is considering a move Dune: Part Two until 2024 due to the strikes, and the challenges that would cause in promoting the films. What is more worrying is that Warners is considering a move several of the upcoming 2023 movies. Most of them, like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Dune: Part Twoand The Color Purple should come out in November or December. Unless the studio thinks the strike will end by then, this will be a long one.

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Other studios will most likely follow suit from here. Between The Marvels, Napoleon and others, studios cannot release projects without proper marketing. If actors can’t do their usual promotional activities, a delay is a small price to pay​​​​​​​compared to losing out on potential millions at the box office.

So far, Dune: Part Two it is scheduled to come out on November 3, 2023. That is subject to change.

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