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A child was minutes from death after spending 170 seconds drowning underwater in a water park in Thailand as oblivious adults swam past him and rescuers were all busy in the toilet . Parents have since been asked to keep an eye on their children.

The four-year-old Captain was playing in a busy pool at the Nakhon Water Park & ​​Resort in Roi Et district when he was caught on video diving into the water before the start of the an exciting wait under the water.

The Captain in the picture runs excitedly towards the water and jumps in without any delay. But minutes later, he can be seen trying to keep his head above water.

He tries to get a fresh surface by rubbing his arms hard but to no avail. Despite the Captain splashing around, it seems that people nearby are still unaware. The video shows several adults even swimming past the boy as he sinks to the bottom of the pool.

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After almost three minutes later, a man finally saw the boy drowning and went into the water to save him.

The captain was dragged into the air, getting the attention of the previously oblivious adults.

The boy received first aid at the scene and was later transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Roi Et Hospital for further treatment.

His mother, Suparada Wattana, admitted that she was careless but she also points to the lack of lifeguards at the pool.

She said: “I admit I’m careless, but there were also no lifeguards at the pool.

“The water park should also take responsibility. I am very grateful to the man who noticed him and saved his life.

“Without that man, my son would be dead.”

Chantana Champanuan, owner of the Nakhon Water Park & ​​Resort, visited Captain in the hospital after the incident.

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