Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is being roasted on social media after one simple question

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Dwayne Johnson at the 95th Academy Awards

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Dwayne Johnsonrising to fame has become a double-edged sword. On the one hand, he is very iconic because he is the star of several films and got himself Fast & furious espionage But on the other hand, some moviegoers may be involved with the actor and will be willing to share when asked.

One opportunity for moviegoers and Rock fans to share their disappointment was through this one Twitter user, who asked just why Johnson has “fallen out of favor” over the past few years. People were ready to share their argument as to why Johnson, despite still being a well-known actor, is not as good compared to other actors who started in wrestling, such as Dave Bautista and John Cena.

One common argument made by fans is that Johnson seems to be playing the same character in every movie he’s in. A fan even went as far as sharing four images of the actor in different movies. And, we’re not going to lie, those screenshots look very similar. You could somehow tell which films they came from; but to the untrained eye, they can be assumed to be different scenes in one film.

Meanwhile, others argued that it was the actor’s ego that caused him to fall out of vogue. This could be supported as it seems that Johnson has a clause in his contracts that says he cannot lose in fights. At the same time, it has been argued that Johnson is not a real actor but more of a brand, which is why he doesn’t want to look bad in movies, which does meaning since Disney used it to announce the next Moana live. – functional change.

While Johnson may be iconic to the point where he may be one of the most recognizable faces in the business, it can also be said that the wrestling landscape has changed. We have Bautista who retired from the MCU in hopes of doing more serious roles. Meanwhile, Cena has appeared in various movie genres and is set to be a mermaid in the next Barbie movie.

Compare that to Johnson’s film credits, which mostly consist of a mix of action-adventure films. His only notable feat was voiceover work for Taylor Swift’s music video for ‘The Man.’

Maybe Johnson needs to take a page out of his wrestling colleagues’ playbook and consider trying other genres for once. Play the bad guy rather than an anti-hero. And show your talents as an actor by stepping out of your comfort zone.

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