Ekene Umenwa celebrates as she moves permanently to the UK with her husband

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Ekene Umenwapopular nollywood actress, bid farewell to Nigeria on a surprising note as she moved to the United Kingdom with her husband two months after their wedding.

The actress turned to Instagram to tell her followers about her move.

She posted pictures of herself on the plane with other passengers, along with accompanying messages.

Ekene Umenwa thanked God for giving her everything she wanted and encouraged others to do the same.

She said she has now moved in peace, and Nigerians should remain in peace.

The Nollywood star wrote:


I saved God’s hands, and he gave me everything that is worthy of his children.

Keep GOD BLESSED, with a sincere and brutal heart and the life you want through them will be good.

I have moved in peace make him stay well oh

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