Elon Musk wants Don Lemon to take his show to Twitter like Tucker Carlson

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Don Lemon and Elon Musk

Image via Justin Sullivan/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Although he claims that no deal has been reached between Twitter and Tucker Carlson to bring the news anchor’s show to the platform, Elon Musk certainly doing his best to take advantage of the trend. Musk is going out of his way to try to build new business for Twitter by crushing it To the Lion to start his own show on stage.

The Twitter and Tesla boss, being the night owl that he is, responded to Lemon’s tweet from April 25 confirming his firing from CNN, suggesting that maybe he should take his show to Twitter, says the platform has a bigger audience.

Whether or not Musk is a jerk (can you really tell?) the praise comes hot on the heels of his tweet explaining his stance on Carlson arriving on stage, reiterate that Twitter encourages debate and discussion, but discourages the spread of misinformation. In that same tweet, Musk ended his comments by saying that he hoped “many others, especially from the left, will also choose to become content creators on this platform .

Late last month, Don Lemon took to Twitter to share the news that CNN had been unceremoniously fired by the network, after working there for 17 years. He claims he didn’t have as much of a conversation with senior management about the issue, and added that “there are obviously bigger issues at stake.”

We’ll be sure to keep you posted if Lemon takes Musk up on his offer or asks for his transfer.

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