Even Thor admits that the beloved MCU Avengers 1 is basically God

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  • Thor believes that Tony Stark, known as Iron Man, is practically a god among men because of his unparalleled ability displayed through his powerful suits.
  • Iron Man’s abilities and actions throughout the comics have earned him the trust and respect of Thor, who sees him as a god born of death.
  • Thor not only hires Iron Man to help him find a dangerous enemy, but also to speak to other immortal gods on his behalf, showing the ultimate sign of god-level respect.

Although there are many Avengers who has powers against the cosmic gods, ThorThe God of the Wilderness himself, actually named the only Avenger who is basically a god…and this hero is probably the most obvious choice of the bunch.

Thor first came to Earth sometime in the 9th century to promote himself as a god worthy of worship. While on Earth, Thor fought a number of villains and monsters (even En Sabah Nur before he became the X-Men spokesperson, Apocalypse), which only gave Thor more credibility as a god of all -powerful. However, in the relatively modern era, Loki attacked Earth with the intention of conquering the planet, and Thor needed the help of other recently developed heroes to stop God don’t be bored It is here when the Avengers were born, and when Thor first met the mortal hero he would later become a god of: Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

Thor tells Iron Man how good he is.

The announcement is coming in Thor: God of Thunder #3 by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, Thor hunts Gorr the Butcher God in three different periods of his life: as a young god in the late 800s on Earth, as a middle-of-the-road god in the present day , and as an ancient god in the future. In the past, Thor tried and failed to kill Gorr after tracking the Butcher of God to a cave in the area of ​​the world that would be Russia. While Thor failed as a young god, he was determined not to do so again in the present day.

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Thor believes that Iron Man is basically a God among men

Thor looks at Valkyrie at the end of Endgame and Iron Man dies

Thor decided to go back to that cave to look for a sign of Gorr, because Thor realized that the Butcher God was still very much in spite of centuries without hearing anything from him. There was just one problem: Thor wasn’t sure where that cave was – it had been a few hundred years, after all. Therefore, Thor enlisted the help of Iron Man (more precisely, Tony Stark) to help him find the cave and travel to its location with him before Thor explained that he had to go to – in alone. As Iron Man flew away a bit because Thor didn’t want or need his help, Thor said to him,you are as much a god as any immortal I’ve ever known, Tony Stark” and then he asked him for another favor.

Thor needed Iron Man not only to find the cave where he last fought Gorr, but also to fly to Mount Olympus and warn the Earth Gods of the danger they are in with Gorr on him the calm This means that Thor has not only hired Stark to help him find Gorr, but also to talk to other immortal gods on his behalf. If that’s not the ultimate sign of god-level respect, nothing is. However, Thor’s statement here has a deeper meaning than just this mission. When you look at everything Iron Man has done throughout the comics, it becomes clear that Tony Stark is about as close to a god as a mortal can get – and that’s not even counting the time that Iron Man batted in the Power Cosmic and actually became a god. The things Iron Man can do with his suits rival cosmic creatures every day, with some of his strongest pieces of armor like his Bleeding Edge armor, Endo-Sym armor, and even the Godbuster armor.

In fact, Thor trusts Iron Man as if he were a fellow god, and Iron Man earned that trust by essentially being a god born to die with every display of his unmatched power through his increasingly powerful suits, god. So, although Iron Man is one of the few Avengers without superpowers, he is still Thor admitting that he is essentially a god – and for good reason.

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