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Never wonder which resume is more mature, oral and adult Barney & Friends would it seem? Oh…isn’t it? Well, at least we get it with the upcoming iteration, Barney. Even if you’re not a fan of the famous purple dinosaur, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single child of the 90s and 2000s who didn’t know him. Barney & Friends. For eighteen years on the air, Barney, BJ, Baby Bop, and the rest of the cast members of the family sports show brought education to millions of children around the world.

Despite the series ending in 2018, parent company Mattel has been exploring various ways to bring the purple dinosaur back into the public eye, perhaps as a result of renewed interest in film and television after the highly successful event. Barbie film. The first of these projects was Peacock’s morbidly titled documentary series, I love you, you hate me, which investigated and debunked many of the viral urban myths surrounding the series. The second came with the announcement of a new Barney animated series, which will culminate in a controversial reimagining of the iconic character when it arrives in 2024.

The third one is one of the strangest of all. Announced in 2019, Mattel revealed that a live-action Barney film was in development. Even more, the film would be produced by Daniel Kaluuyathe Oscar-winning actor and star of get out, Black Panther, Judas and the Black Messiah, and more. Information about the project has been very slow. However, Mattel and Kaluuya have provided regular updates to ensure that the project is still ongoing, with the latest update being one of the most unique yet. To learn more about the radical remake and its tone, plot, producers, and more, here’s everything we know so far Barney.

Editor’s note: This piece was updated on November 13, 2023.

The new movie Barney

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Is there a release date for ‘Barney’?

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Despite being in development since 2019 and receiving semi-regular updates the film is still in development, next Barney the film has yet to receive a release date or release window at the time of this writing. We’ll have to wait and see when we can reunite with the purple dinosaur.

Where can you see ‘Barney’?

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With a release date yet to be announced, we currently don’t know what format the upcoming film will be released in. A theatrical release is certainly possible, and of course this isn’t the first time Barney has been in theaters. That honor goes to the 1998 feature film, Barney’s Big Adventure. But, Barney’s Big Adventure it ended its box office career as a flop, making just $12 million off its $15 million budget.

With that in mind, it would also be reasonable to think that Barney could forgo a theatrical release and instead go straight to streaming. Where Barney he would make his streaming home if not set in stone, through the documentary series I love you, you hate me released as a Peacock exclusive. Even then, Mattel does not oversee one particular studio.

Turning back to theatrical expectations, a theatrical release is likely for Barney that may depend entirely on how another high-profile Mattel adaptation does at the box office. After a massive marketing campaign, Barbie it is expected to be a big winner at the box office, with the director Greta Gerwigand the special film is going to be one of the most anticipated films of the year. Mattel has also expressed interest in bringing some of its other franchises to the big screen as well, such as the popular Hot wheels IP.

Is there a trailer for ‘Barney’?

No release date and main cast set at this time, Barney production and filming may not begin for a long time. That means Barney fans will have to be patient before we get our first look at the new version of the purple dinosaur in a proper trailer.

Who stars in ‘Barney’?

Barney and his friends
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The main menu for Barney has not yet been published. Despite Daniel Kaluuya, an Oscar-winning actor, attached to a product, it has not yet been confirmed if the No star will have an acting role in the film, whether as a human supporting character or as the titular dinosaur itself.

What is ‘Barney’ about?

Barney the Purple Dinosaur outside his home
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Plot details around Barney has been very light but in a recent update from the producer Kevin MacKenziewe got to learn a little more about what Mattel has in store for the purple dinosaur’s next feature film, and it’s definitely not what we expected:

“We’re leaning into the millennial concern of the building rather than renovating this for kids. It really is a play for adults. Not that it’s R-rated, but it will focus on some of the trials and tribulations of being 30 years old. -something, growing up with Barney – just the level of discontent within the generation. It would be so bold for us, and really affirm that we are here to make art.”

Very similar Barbie it’s like new Barney Film does what many IP-based feature films do today and become a meta-narrative. As noted in the recent Peacock documentary, Barney as a character has a history of mocking and mocking to the point of unfairness. That seems to be something that Kaluuya, McKeon, and Mattel want to explore in this new iteration of the character. At the same time, they don’t seem to want to go too cute and mature either. Overall it looks like a very similar approach to the 2009 variation of Where the wild things arewhich looked at the children’s story from a more stable and mature approach while still being suitable for families and younger audiences.

Who makes ‘Barney’?

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Much like the team, the team was connected to the Barney film is a mystery. While we know that Daniel Kaluuya and Kevin McKeon will be producing, the film has not yet attached a director, writer, etc.

Are there any other ‘Barney’ Projects in development?

barney movie

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The Barney A movie is just one part of Mattel’s alleged plan to bring back the Barney IP through other media. In 2024, an animated series is expected to appeal to the dinosaur’s main age group of younger children, with a title yet to be revealed. Already available on Peacock is the documentary series which discusses the many direct and unfair controversies surrounding the show that remains culturally relevant.

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