Fact Check: is J-HOPE Dating Irene Kim? Relationship Explored

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Internet finds a new rumored love bird in J-Hope and Irene Kim. Ever since J-Hope became the talk of the town post his BTS joining and his recent Lollapalooza festival performance. Fans are trying to know if his love life has someone special in it so far or not. Well, in fact some of the fans are already quite sure that Irene Kim and J-Hope might be dating.

Read ahead to know more about internet finds new lovebirds in J-HOPE and Irene Kim.

J-Hope and his performance at Lollapalooza festival

We all know how musical fests and tours were reviving themselves this year post the pandemic. Among all of that, we even had Lollapalooza festival happening. Where one of the performances was from BTS member. Where post his performance his fans were praising him.

His one of the supporters at the Lollapalooza festival and is gaining immense popularity though. In fact, that supporter has given rise to a rumor that maybe J-Hope is dating someone. But do you know who attended the Lollapalooza festival this year to support J-Hope? Well here’s what we know.

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Internet believes J-Hope is dating Irene Kim

During the performance in Lollapalooza festival this year. There was Irene Kim present at the festival to support him. With that now, the internet believes that something must be there between J-Hope and Irene Kim.

Not just that, duo have been often seen together. In fact, Irene even shares pics with J-Hope on her social media. As she even shared some stories about attending the Lollapalooza festival. Further one can even see Irene promoting J-Hope’s music on her social media.

Are J-Hope and Irene Kim really dating each other?

Though one can spot both Irene Kim and J-Hope together. However, they have never confirmed that they are really dating each other. While fans are believing that there’s certainly something special between the two. One cannot be certain unless one or both of them accepts it publicly.

Meanwhile, the duo do support each other in their professional life. Hence, you cannot say that they have no bond at all. They do look like really good friends. Who might be on their way to becoming lovers? But only time can confirm that.

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