Fast Life Yungstaz Says Taylor Swift Can Mix ‘Swag Surfin’

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Fast Life Yungstaz (FLY) is welcome Taylor Swift and her ‘Swag Surfin’ efforts! Mook says “everything is up” since Swift went viral while dancing to the song at an NFL game.

“My first reaction to surfing Taylor Swift’s swag was that I thought it was dope. I automatically knew it was a good shot just because of who she was, you know what I’m saying, what she went on,” Mook Man said.

Speaking to TMZ, Mook revealed that the group’s streams have increased by 700 percent since mid-January. The song has had viral moments since FLY released it in 2009. It spent eight weeks on Billboard’s Top 100 chart this year, peaking at 71. As of February 2. there are over 9.6 million views on the YouTube video, compared to four million in August 2017, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Offline and records aside, ‘Swag Surfin’ is embedded in black culture at black events among black people. Born and raised in Atlanta. Always on the playlist at cookouts, graduation parties, family reunions, Divine Nine picnics, birthdays, night clubs…it’s an anthem and a bond.

But Mook says the Swifties’ influence on streams is still the biggest. On YouTube, Mook says their subscribers increased by 20,000 in two weeks. For him, it’s been a “dope thing” to watch everything unfold so quickly.

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As well as reprising the iconic track, Mook suggested that Taylor could bring the group out on her [next] a tour

Easton jokes about Taylor Swift rapping on the ‘Swag Surfin’ Remix

TMZ tapped the entire group for their comments on Taylor’s time. FLY’s McFly and Vee they were forward and a special artist Easton. In the interview, Easton clarified that he was never officially a part of FLY He’s more like a brother, and together, they jumped into the booth and cooked up ‘Swag Surfin.’

Easton joked that Taylor “gotta rap, though.” He wants to “hear them from bars.” McFly and Mook agreed, laughing up!

“When it went viral it was like, okay, Taylor Swift. It’s up. It’s like one of those moments you’ve been waiting for,” McFly said.

Taylor Swift hasn’t confirmed if she wants to jump on the “biggest song” to come out of Atlanta,” according to the agency.

Maybe we’ll find out during Black History Month? If you ask Black Twitter, some are here for it, and some are for sure No.

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