Fatal Attraction Series Trailer, Release Date

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Almost 36 years after Michael Douglas became involved in a fatal affair with Glenn Close, the worst relationship on the big screen is being repeated. Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan star in Paramount+’s streaming adaptation of the hit 1987 thriller “Fatal Attraction,” with the new spin-off coming as a series.

Premiering this spring, “Fatal Attraction” comes from writer, showrunner, and executive producer Alexandra Cunningham and executive producer Kevin J. Hynes.

In the original film, Dan Gallagher (Douglas) is married who has a weekend with Alex Forrest (Close) after meeting in Manhattan. Dan sees the attempt as a fling, but Alex intervenes – manipulating him into spending time with her and stalking her at home and at his office. In the end, her outrage at Dan’s indifference leads to increasingly worse actions by Alex: pouring acid on Dan’s car, killing Dan’s daughter’s pet rabbit, and ‘ kidnapping the girl. All this leads to an unforgettable conflict.

This new version has Jackson taking over as Dan, and Caplan as Alex. Keep reading for more details on the rest of the cast, the first teaser trailer, and more plot details.

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