“Fire my head, don’t try” – an angel accuses Ceec of an offensive statement

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Tension rose in the BBnaija All Stars house as housemates Angel Smith and Ceec argued over Biggie’s statement regarding their productivity during filming.

The argument started when housemates were given the task of writing and filming a movie together.

Dissatisfaction grew among participants on Thursday morning as it seemed that the progress of the script was not going higher than expected.

Ceec, known for his unquestioning opinions, vented his anger with a comment that derailed the heated argument.

She was heard saying, “The housemates are full of shit,” referring to what she saw as a lack of passion and commitment from other housemates.

Angel Smith, one of the housemates, was shocked by what Ceec said. She came to Ceec, accusing him of disregarding their efforts.

Angel, obviously angry, didn’t hold back.

In part of her words;

“You guys slept until 6am. I stayed and worked on the script and here she is yelling at me. Won’t you tell me how my script goes? I won’t try, put fire to my head.”

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