First Kill compared to Orphan?

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Recently we’ve seen a string of sequels that we never thought we’d see so many years after the original or the previous franchise installment.

Joining the likes of Top Gun: Aura, Matrix ResurrectionAnd Jackass forever We have Orphan: The First Kill, arguably the most unexpected of the bunch.

The original was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and released back in 2009 to generally divide horror fans. Since then they have developed a slightly larger following hoping to take another dive into the world of Esther (played by Isabelle Fuhrman).

Fortunately for the fandom, director William Brent Bell has brought back the ominous character, thus raising a valid question…

Warning: Spoilers for Orphans and killed first

Orphans: The First Kill Trailer | Paramount+ YouTube | eOne

How old is Esther in Orphan: The First Murder?

Esther is 20 when she is adopted in Orphan: First Kill, while she was 33 in the original film, ScreenRant reports.

The latest movie is a prequel.

Looking back at her backstory, Esther’s real name is Lina Klamer and she was born in Estonia and was diagnosed with a pituitary disorder that caused her to become dwarfed as an adult.

She suffered abuse at the hands of her father, and after violent outbursts she was eventually taken into custody at the Sarne Institution in Estonia.

The First Kill provides more context and tells us how she managed to escape and become part of a family before the events in Orphanage, in which her adoptive parents believed she was 9 years old.

Orphans: When was the first murder?

The first film took place in 2007, meaning the events of the prequel – set thirteen years earlier – brought audiences back to 1994.

Esther is still played by Isabelle, the original actress from Orphan, and she reprises the role with the help of de-aging technology.

In real life, Isabelle is 25 years old and was 12 when the original was released.

Orphan: First kill | The official trailer



Orphan: First kill | The official trailer





‘I really loved Esther’

Speaking to MovieWeb, Isabelle recently spoke about her experience with the prequel and how she hopes it will be enjoyed:

“I’m excited for the audience to see Esther have a little more fun in this film. I think we got to play with the fact that the audience is very much a mystery from the beginning, and that was fun for me to play as an actor. “

She added: “When I first saw the film, I was very happy and there were times when I really liked Esther. So I hope the audience feels the same.”

Orphan: First Kill is in theaters and streaming on Paramount+ on Friday, August 18, 2022.

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