First look at the $185 million ‘Citadel’ that does not exactly reflect the budget

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There’s an element of “old man crying to the cloud” to the idea that today’s movies and TV shows are getting far too expensive for their own good, but Prime Video is shelling out $185 million to irrigate the large lane. Fortress expected to raise more than two eyebrows.

The globetrotting spy series comes from Avengers: Infinity War, Endgameand The Gray Man directors Joe and Anthony Russo, by HuntersDavid Weil behind the camera. Roping in a cavalcade of recognizable names to tell the story of an international mind, Fortress is undoubtedly Amazon’s most advanced episodic offering yet to be announced Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

via Prime Video

Why, you may ask? Because it is already designed as a multinational franchise, with several spinoffs and offshoots in the works that will tie them into one big storytelling tapestry. Of course, cameras are already rolling on the Italian and Indian versions, so the streaming service must land its flagship with a bang.

As for the images in the first trailer, well, it doesn’t really give away the mammoth amounts of money involved. Fortress. Sure, there are some decent enough visual effects, a clip of action-oriented badass, and some expansive landscapes, you wouldn’t look at the promo and think to yourself that the show is a ‘ cost roughly the same as the Marvel Cinematic Universe epic.

At least, Fortress drop next month, so we’ll be very interested to see if the big investment was worth it in the end, or if the potential legend will finally crumble into dust like the ancient structures with which it shares a title.

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