‘Florida Man’ characters ranked by likeability

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Netflix documentaries A Florida man, limited drama series, sometimes open with a scene of “Florida Man” doing something illegal, or people finding something out of the ordinary like a gator with a gun. These awkward scenes are just glimpses of the show’s array of complex characters, who find themselves in dire situations, whether it was on purpose or not.

A Florida manthe cast of characters are not bad people. Iris and Benny are prime examples of characters in Florida Man who do not participate in illegal activities. Unfortunately, many of them have great motives and goals that lead them to harm others for their own gain.

This article contains spoilers for Florida Man.

10 Moss Yankov

Emory Cohen as Moss Yankov in Florida ManEmory Cohen's character Moss Yankov listens to a caller on his phone in his kitchen in the Netflix TV series Florida Man
Photo via Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Moss Yankov (Emory Cohen) busy running his crime ring after the death of his father, who was a mob boss. Moss does his best to fill his father’s shoes by showing everyone how difficult he is, even those close to him. When Delly, his girlfriend, disappears after her birthday party, Moss sends Mike down to Florida to look for her. After a hitman doesn’t return, Moss heads down to Florida himself and tries to get the treasure for himself.

There is no doubt that Moss is one of the shadiest characters in it A Florida man. His relationship with Delly is anything but, sweet and caring. Before Delly left for Florida, Moss didn’t treat her right, and she even ruined her birthday. He later confesses that he killed Delly’s father because his late father said so. He constantly threatens Mike, and in the end, goes after him in an attempt to get the treasure. Moss lets his hitmen do most of the dirty work, but his mandate to kill people doesn’t mean his hands aren’t clean.

9 Patsy

Photo via Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Patsy (Otmara Marrero) sister of Mike Valentine. Unlike her brother, she tries to keep in touch with their father, Sonny. While Mike was in Philadelphia, she stayed in Florida to work as a nurse and raise her family. She loves her family and loves raising her daughter, Tyler, with her husband, Deacon.

She wants the best for her family, and shows concern for Mike’s safety and well-being. However, Patsy takes this seriously by killing Jason, the EMT who helped Delly, to protect Mike. She breaks her nurse’s oath and harms a patient in the hospital. In addition to murder, Patsy cheated on Deacon. Growing up with a lying father didn’t help Patsy, and that’s not her fault, but this doesn’t make it an excuse for her actions.

8 Deputy Ketcher

The character Clark Gregg, Deputy Ketcher, is looking for clothes in a scene from Florida Man
Image via Netflix

Deputy Ketcher (Clark Greg) arrives in Florida to spend time with his family in Disney World, and he brought a gun with him. He is angry when he can’t find his gun when he asks for bags. Little does he know, Mike stole his gun. As his family starts getting pumped for their Disney vacation, he decides he has to find a gun, no matter what. His quest for his firearm lands him in prison and then a long walk to get back to his family, or whatever life he chooses to escape from.

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Unfortunately, Deputy Ketcher is not a good father or husband. Desperate to get a gun, he abandons his family and leaves them in Disney World. Instead of reporting his gun stolen, Ketcher illegally buys a gun from a kid, resulting in his arrest. It turns what could have been a wonderful family vacation into a disaster. Deputy Ketcher is not a murderer, but his decision to choose his gun over his family is just as unforgivable.

7 Sonny Valentine

Anthony LaPaglia as Sonny Valentine, Mike's father, in Florida Man
Photo via Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Sonny (Anthony LaPaglia) is the father of Mike and Patsy, and a retired police chief. Criminal activities are his game, and he is good at manipulating people around him. He owns a bar but has other activities that keep him in business. His relationship with Mike is not on the best of terms.

Sonny is not a good father or role model for his children. He always lies to his children so much that it affected how their lives were as adults. When Mike finds the treasure in a truck at the bottom of a dump, Sonny makes Mike make a deal. Despite all his sarcastic behavior, Sonny finds a way to begin to heal his relationship with Mike during an impromptu therapy session. His ability to forgive shows how deeply he cares for his family.

6 Caitlin Fox

Lauren Buglioli as Kaitlin Fox in Florida Man
Photo via Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Caitlin Sionnach (Lauren Buglioli) is an anchor at a local TV station. She dreams of becoming an investigative journalist, but her boss wants her to focus on her current job. Kaitlin hooks up with Mike, who is posing as an agent from the Department of Transportation, over breakfast in a diner.

Kaitlin’s dreams of becoming an investigative journalist are adorable. However, she is willing to do unethical things to get her story. Kaitlin threatens to expose Mike’s story to Florida and the rest of the world.

5 Officer Andy Boone

Paul Schneider as Officer Andy Boone stands in front of his examination cork board in the Netflix TV series Florida Man
Photo via Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Officer Andy Boone (Paul Schneider) works for the Coronado Police Department. When Mike arrives in Florida, he asks Officer Boone about Delly, but Andy is not very helpful. After Delly’s murder, Office Boone provides a sketch of Mike. Boone decides that he has to put Mike behind bars, no matter what.

Officer Boone is obsessed with finding out what happened to Delly, and he believes that Mike is the murderer. He relentlessly pursues Mike across Coronado Beach. In the end, Mike can’t put him behind bars and he seeks some kind of revenge by going after Sonny. He frames Sonny for killing Dutch, the hitman hired by Moss to find Mike. Andy will do anything to solve a case and get justice his way.

4 Delly West

Abbey Lee as Delly West in Florida Man
Image via Netflix

Delly West (Lee Abbey) is in debt to her lover, Moss Yankov, and she quickly makes a plan to escape to Florida. However, Delly’s plans come to a halt when she discovers that Mike Valentine, who has been romantically involved with her, has successfully followed her to Coronado Beach. Delly arranges her own death and reunites with Mike. They reluctantly work with Sonny to get the treasure out of the dumpster.

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Delly has to deal with a lot. She knows that she is a criminal, and she understands that she has not made good choices. Delly’s self-awareness makes her more likable than the other characters in A Florida man. However, her past and her determination to get revenge for her father lead her to harm and manipulate others like Jason, a local EMT, to get what she wants.

3 Mike Valentine

Edgar Ramirez soaks up the sun as Mike Valentine in Florida Man
Image via Netflix

Mike Valentine (Edgar Ramírez) is an ex-cop who struggles with a gambling addiction. When Delly goes missing, Moss tells Mike to go down to Florida and bring her back to Philly. Mike searches Coronado Beach for Delly, and finds her dead. Later, Delly surprises Mike by showing up to his hotel room. Mike makes Moss think that Delly is dead, and this gives him and Delly time to go after the treasure.

Mike is not afraid to take risks, but this puts him and the people around him in dangerous situations. Mike puts himself and Delly in danger by becoming romantically involved with her behind Moss’s back. It also puts Patsy and her family at risk of being found by Moss. Mike is against Delly. Even if he is lying, he does it to protect people instead of manipulating them. He finds a way to forgive people who have hurt him in the past.

2 Benny

Isaiah Johnson as Benny (left) in Florida Man
Image via Netflix

Benny (Isiah Johnson) and his wife, Clara, are the owners of a hotel in Coronado Beach. He does not ask too many questions and gives privacy to his guests. His priority is to look after his customers. When Moss arrives at the hotel to find Mike, Benny does not give him any information.

Benny’s loyalty to his customers is dangerous, but this is commendable. He is fearless in the way he stands up to Moss’ demands about Mike’s situation. It is the ability to see the good in people that makes Benny a good person.

1 Iris

Lex Scott Davis as Iris in Netflix's Florida Man
Photo via Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

magazine (Lex Scott Davis) is a detective and Mike’s ex-wife. She is assigned by her boss to work to find out who killed Gil. Iris suspects that Mike’s boss, Moss, may have something to do with the recent murder. While working on her case, she finds out that Mike is in Florida to find Delly.

Iris works hard at her job. She is a very caring person and looks out for people. Iris shows a lot of concern for Mike, even though they are no longer together. She warns Delly about Mike’s behavior and tells her to avoid him.

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