Former Warden at Dublin Women’s Prison Indicted on More Sexual Abuse Charges, Victim List Continues to Grow

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Former warden at Dublin women’s prison indicted on more sexual assault charges, victim list continues to grow Welcome to #Warden #Dublin #Womens #Prison #Indicted #Sexual #Abuse #Charges #Victim #List #Continues #Grow EODBA BlogHere is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Five officers have already been charged with sexual misconduct for abusing women incarcerated at a Dublin federal correctional facility, and a former warden has been indicted on charges involving two more victims.

The Federal Correctional Institute in Dublin (FCI Dublin) has some celebrity claims to fame. Desperate Housewives Star Felicity Huffman served her short sentence in the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal from 2019, as full house Star Lori Laughlin. SmallvilleAllison Mack is still at large for her role in the NXIVM sex cult scandal. The prison has housed past celebrities including Patty Hearst and “Hollywood Madame” Heidi Fleiss, and Forbes once named the facility “one of America’s 10 Sexiest Prisons.”

We should probably dispel this stereotype of FCI Dublin as a “country club” prison, as we know of some truly stomach-churning sexual abuses suffered by women incarcerated there. NBC Bay Area reports that former prison warden Ray J. Garcia has been indicted on charges of sexually abusing three women jailed there and is one of five FCI Dublin officials facing federal charges of abusing their authority to commit sex crimes.

Garcia was previously indicted last September on a felony count of sexual assault. “Garcia knowingly had sexual contact with at least one inmate victim while she was incarcerated at FCI Dublin and was under his custody, supervisory or disciplinary authority,” the Department of Justice said at the time. “Further, the victim and at least one other inmate requested that Garcia strip for him when he toured FCI Dublin, the complaint alleges. Garcia photographed the victim naked in a cell at FCI Dublin.

The new indictment from Tuesday adds that he lied to an investigator about it and “further accuses Garcia of sexual offenses against two additional women who are serving prison terms at FCI Dublin. The women are known only as ‘Victim 2’ and ‘Victim 3’.

KTVU adds that “Garcia has pleaded not guilty to his September 2021 charges,” and that he “retired on Oct. 31, 2021.” He is currently out of custody, and his jury trial begins on November 21. And while this is incredibly difficult reading, KTVU has the definitive information on all of the FCI Dublin sexual abuse allegations involving a total of five officials published last January.

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