Frankie Muniz to record NASCAR career with new streak

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The former child actor not only follows his dreams but invites viewers as he navigates the rigors of starting his career.

frankie muniz nascar

It goes from Malcolm in the middle to Frankie in the Fastlane. Late ’90s Fox comedy star Frankie Muniz has announced that he will be starting a career as a NASCAR driver. Now, the former Hollywood Reporter has the story Agent Cody Banks is collaborating with NEO Studios to produce an all-access documentary series about his pursuit into his dream job of being a racer.

Frankie in the Fastlane will allow viewers to follow Muniz as he transitions from being a former child actor to entering the world of NASCAR in the ARCA Menards Series. He pits himself against the best car racers in the world to prove that he has what it takes and show that this is not just a pipe dream. We also get a look at his personal life as he tries to balance his new hobbies with his family as a new father and husband while dealing with the public scrutiny of being a high-profile figure. making his professional debut. The series is currently seeking distributors with networks and streaming services.

Muniz elaborates on trying to make his racing dreams come true, “I am proud of what I have achieved in the past and to be remembered as Malcolm, for example. It’s a great feeling to have influenced people in that way, but when I’m in that seat, in the car, and on the track, I know in my soul that racing as a professional driver is which made me carry out. I’m excited to work with a company like NEO Studios that truly understands sports and competition programming and to take viewers on this crazy journey and share my love of racing with the the world.”

NEO Studio head Mike Basone says, “Frankie put everything on the line to follow his passion and become a professional racer. That alone is exciting, but he had to overcome a number of obstacles – including injuries, media scrutiny and more – to get to where he is today. NEO is drawn to telling unique sports-based stories that reflect human impact and we are honored to follow Frankie on this quest.”

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