Fred The Elephant Boy dies at 64; Reason behind his death, tribute – 7 things to know

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Fred The Elephant Boy aka Fred Schreiber, the famous comedian best known for his performance on the Howard Stern show, has died. According to reports, Fred breathed his last a couple of days ago, at the age of 64 due to complications related to blood clots. The talented actor, who is also known as the longest member of the wack pack, has reportedly been struggling with various health issues for a long time.

From the reason behind Fred The Elephant Boy’s death to how his fans and colleagues paid tribute, here are 10 things to know. Take a look…

1. The cause of death of Fred The Elephant Boy

According to reports, Fred The Elephant Boy aka Fred Schreiber died due to complications caused by blood clots that form in any part of the body and later move to various organs including the heart, the brain and lungs. “These migrations can lead to serious problems because the clot disrupts blood flow to important organs,” reads the report published by the well-known health website Healthline, which explains the dangerous nature of blood clots and the problems that come with them, such as lung diseases, kidney failure, and others.

2. Fred was admitted to the hospital

JG Faherty, the famous science fiction author has revealed that Fred The Elephant Boy was admitted to the hospital for a couple of days, after the celebration of Thanksgiving in 2022. From the latest updates, it has been confirmed that the comedian was battling with various health issues, from a very long time.

3. Author JG Faherty remembers Fred Schreiber

In a long emotional post on Facebook, author JG Faherty remembered Fred Schreiber, with whom he had a warm friendship. “Very sad to hear that Fred Schreiber, aka Fred the Elephant Boy from the Howard Stern show, has passed away. I got to know Fred, first through Twitter and then because he loved horror fiction and he used to tell me all the time. A lot of people don’t know that he had a great sense of humor (he posted jokes quite often on twitter) and was also an avid reader, as well as just a nice person in general,” the Facebook post writer read.

Check out JG Faherty’s Facebook post, below:

4. Fred wanted a starring role in a JG Faherty book

In his post, the famous author also revealed that Fred The Elephant Boy was an avid reader, and a big fan of horror fiction. He also revealed that Fred wanted a ‘bad’ part in one of his books, and he asked for the same. “When I ran a contest to be named as a character in my book Ragman, Fred graciously donated a piece of money he couldn’t really afford to help the Hudson Valley Humane Society. The only thing he asked was that I don’t kill him. In the book, he wanted a real career. So I made him a cop helping investigate a murder scene. He was so happy!,” reads JG Faherty’s post.

“The last time I was in contact with Fred was right before Thanksgiving, when I told him that his donor’s copy of the book was on its way. He was extremely happy to read it and see the part. I don’t know if he ever got the chance. , as he apparently entered the hospital a few days later. I hope he did. RIP, Fred. And Let’s Go Mets Forever!” the author recalled.

5. Howard Stern pays tribute to Fred The Elephant Boy

For the unverse, Fred joined the studio in November 1988 and has been a fixture on the Howard Stern show ever since. The comedian, who is the longest running wack packer in history, even celebrated his 30th anniversary on the show. In one of the episodes of the show this week, Howard Stern remembered Fred The Elephant Boy fondly and said: “I knew Fred was the perfect man. He was quite a master of speech and was sometimes excited. I mean you couldn’t ask for a better hype man.”

“Elephant Boy was a good guy. He was a man with a good heart and when we asked him to do something he was so happy to be part of the radio program,” said Howard.

Check out The Howard Stern Show’s social media tribute to Fred The Elephant Boy, below:

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