Gal Gadot was Margot Robbie’s choice to play Barbie

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Gal Gadot is thrilled that Barbie producer (and star) Margot Robbie asked her to play the title character.

Barbie Gal Gadot

Mattel introduced Wonder Woman Barbie decades ago, but we almost got the real thing, as Gal Gadot was set to play the iconic blonde doll. As it turned out, she was no one else’s first choice Barbie producer and eventual star Margot Robbie, who said Gadot had “Barbie Energy”, which is not to be confused with Kennethanger

Speaking to Flaunt, Gal Gadot said she was completely flattered that Robbie wanted her to star Barbiewhich she had to turn down because of other commitments. “I love Margot … Margot is one of those women you just want to be friends with … She’s so funny, warm, fun and smart and obviously so talented. She brings so much to the table. I would love to do anything with Margot and I really enjoyed it [by her comments]. She touched my heart with everything she said about me. I’m excited for them, and I’m excited for them Barbie.” When Gadot attended BarbieAt the Los Angeles premiere, she didn’t wear pink.

Regarding Margot Robbie’s suggestion of Gal Gadot and why she wanted her as Barbie, she told Vogue in May, “Gal Gadot is so beautiful, but you don’t hate her for being so beautiful, because she’s so sincere, and she’s so committed, that she’s almost dorky. It’s right before you become a doctor. “ Unfortunately, Gadot couldn’t even make it as one of the many blonde Barbies.

Although some may not think that Gal Gadot would have made a good Barbie – at least not compared to Robbie, who could enter the race for the best actress of the t – this season – her casting would still be a long way from the days when Amy Schumer was attached.

As it is now, Barbie has crossed the $500 million mark at the domestic box office and the $1 billion mark worldwide, going at The new movie Super Mario Brosand instead as the highest grossing film of the year.

How do you think Gal Gadot would have done as Barbie? Do you think the film would have done as well at the box office without Margot Robbie? Give us your opinion below!

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