Gamers desperately wish Joel had left one special person alive in ‘The Last of Us’ finale

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Joel (Pedro Pascal) looking at Ellie (Bella Ramsey) in 'The Last of Us'

Photo via HBO

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Last of Us Part II and future seasons of HBO’s live-action adaptation

If there was ever one character with little sense of self-preservation, it would be Joel Miller the last of us series.

In the final moments of the first Finally Us game, and now the end of the TV show, Joel went on a rampage and killed all the Fireflies in the hospital where they had been preparing to extract the Cordyceps from Ellie’s brain and develop a cure from it. When he got to the operating room, Joel asked the doctors there to release Ellie, but one of them resisted and even raised a scalpel to stop Joel.

Now, it might have been easy for a skilled fighter like Joel to disarm and knock the doctor unconscious, but everyone’s favorite post-apocalypse dad was in no mood, so he shot the man and scared the others into releasing Ellie.

Not one person should make a difference out of the dozens killed by Joel, but how The Last of Us Part II you will tell, that this particular doctor was the father of a girl. A girl who will seek revenge against Joel in the next chapter of this dark story.

Looking back on this moment in live action makes many fans panic because they know all the tragedies to come.

Now, whether you believe in determinism or not, we don’t think there was any way to go about it other than Joel killing the doctor because the very act this serves as the linchpin that binds the whole. The Last of Us Part II report together.

As they say, these violent pleasures have equally brutal limits.

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