Gary Barlow reflects on his time in Take That ahead of the group’s Australian tour

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Take That is one of the biggest pop groups and boy bands of all time – famous for hits including Back well and How deep is your love.

The group was founded in Manchester in 1990 as a a five piece act – 34 years ago now – and has been very successful over the years.

In November, the group released their eponymous ninth studio album This Lifesoon topped the charts at No.1 in the UK and enjoyed the biggest opening week for a UK artist of 2023.

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Take That is one of the biggest pop groups and boy bands of all time. (Getty)

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Now the group, currently consisting of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen, have just announced their new tour, playing dates in the UK and Europe and even Australia later this year. They will be supported by Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Ahead of the tour, which is sure to delight fans, Barlow, 53, spoke to 9Honey Celebrity and talked about time in the bandsaying that the group went from “boys to men” over the years

There have been some line-up changes over the years, with Robbie Williams and Jason Orange leaving the band, which Barlow admits, but admitted the group are “at rest” a -now as three pieces.

Gary Barlow told 9Honey Celebrity this week that the group has gone from “boys to men” over the years. (Getty Images for Universal Pictures)

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“There have been so many different versions of our band, honestly, we were boys the first time, there were five of us and then we came back as men,” Barlow said.

“Some of us had children… we were back as men then, we came back as four [piece] Rob joined us again and we went back to three [piece band]and this is where we have rested now, we are at rest like this.”

“This feels like Take That now, they’re obviously my old friends, we’re getting on really well, we’re enjoying live shows more than we used to- always I think and we love it and we are happy to be here. again,” he said.

The current group includes Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen, who are about to hit the road again. (Getty)

Barlow said that he could not have dreamed that Take That would be as successful as they have had and a career spanning decades.

“If you wrote it down, no one would believe it,” he said.

“It’s been an amazing journey and it’s not over yet, we’re still hungry and ambitious, we’re only half-writing this story.”

Barlow said that in the 90s, Barlow said that he spent a lot of time worrying about the band and their success, and that he didn’t enjoy the moment as much as he could have.

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Take That
Barlow said that in the 90s, Barlow said he spent a lot of time worrying about the band and their success. (Getty)

“That was the 90s for me, those were the anxious years when we had just become successful and famous and people told us that it would only last fifteen minutes, this fame, [that] you were going to lose,” he explained.

“I spent those years panicking. When I came back, I said I’m not going to do that this time…he’s supposed to like this.”

Barlow, who grew up listening to music from The Beatles, Elton John and Billy Joel, admitted that music has “saved” him over the years.

“The music must be at the center of everything… Music has helped me, it has saved me, it has been a safe place that I can return to,” he said.

“It has pulled me out of a hole, helped me to celebrate, I have been using it so much and I always go back to it, it always guides me , it may sound a bit poetic but it’s true.”

About maybe getting back together Robbie Williams on stage again, Barlow said it could happen in the future.

“Who knows, I think we were last together in 2011, that’s the joy of being in Take That, you never know what’s around the corner,” he said.

British boy band Take That in 1991. From left to right: Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Robbie Williams.
About reuniting with Robbie Williams on stage, Barlow said it could happen in the future. (Getty)

Williams left the group in 1995 and the group continued as a foursome until he rejoined in 2010 for the band’s sixth studio album, Progress.

He then left again in 2011, followed by Jason Orange in 2014.

Barlow and Williams, 49, were reportedly a a long-running controversy he addressed in his Netflix documentary, however, they are said to have buried the clothes over the years.

Barlow, who is keen to collaborate with American artist YEBBA in the future, went on to praise Take That’s loyal fan base for their support over the years.

He promised Australian fans a “good, fun show” when they tour Australia and New Zealand later this year. (Getty Images for The National Lo)

“Bless our audience, they’ve been with us forever, most of our audience joined us in 1991 and they’re still here, and I think that very unusual. [for a band],” he said.

“I don’t think bands keep their audience and ours have been so loyal to us and the only way we can deal with that is by keeping the music good and shows worth going to,” he said.

He promised a good, fun show” for Australian fans when they tour Australia and New Zealand in October and November.

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday February 13 at frontiertouring.comYes

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