Gina Carano Sues Disney Over ‘Mandalorian’ Shooting

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One of the main characters in the early seasons of The Mandalorian it was Cara Dune, an ex-Rebel-turned-mercenary who crosses paths several times with the title character. Dune was played by Gina Carano, who Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau apparently remembered when he first saw the character.

Cara Dune was in seven episodes of The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2. There were also rumors that she would star in a Mandalorian a spinoff show that Lucasfilm announced but never made, titled Rangers of the New Republic. But then after season 2 Carano started attracting a lot of attention and controversy due to the posts she made on her Twitter account. (Among the topics she tweeted about, Carano posted comparison the treatment of Republicans in America to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, and one claiming that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.)

Eventually, the noise around Carano’s statements became so great that Lucasfilm released a statement saying “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future.” However, her social media posts criticizing people based on their cultural and religious identity are abhorrent and inappropriate.”

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At the beginning of the Mandalorian Season 3, Cara Dune was written out of the show. Carano was not seen in the Star wars world since then. Now she has decided to take her off the show to court, and has filed a lawsuit against Disney for wrongful termination and discrimination.

In her suit, according to The Hollywood Reporter, she is “seeking a court order that would force Lucasfilm to remodel” along with at least $75,000 in punitive damages.

Elon Musk, owner of X (formerly Twitter) is funding Carano’s suit; In a statement, the company said, “As a sign of X Corp’s commitment to free speech, we are proud to provide financial support for Gina Carano’s lawsuit, empowering her to seek vindication of her free speech rights.” -free on X and the ability to work without it. bullying, harassment or discrimination.”

In a statement of her own, Carano said that “some of us have been unfairly named, harassed, persecuted and deprived of our livelihood because we wanted to have a conversation encouraging, asking questions, and refusing to go with the crowd.”

Carano first rose to fame as a mixed martial artist, before moving into a career making action films. Her big break in Hollywood came in 2011, when Steven Soderbergh cast her in the lead of his spy thriller Blonde grass.

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