Glass Onion’s Cut Post-Credits credit scene would have changed one big moment

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Director Rian Johnson reveals that Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery originally had a post-credits scene that would have changed one big moment.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Glass Onion: Secret Knives Out.

Glass Onion: Knife Out Mystery director Rian Johnson reveals that he cut a post-credits scene that would have completely changed one of the film’s biggest moments. After the success of 2019 Knives out, a murder mystery that puts new spin on the classic Agatha Christie formula, Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc returns in the highly anticipated Netflix series. The film, which was released on the streamer last month, has won rave reviews from audiences and critics. Glass Onion: Knife Out Mystery sees Blanc solve a mystery on a billionaire Greek island with a whole new cast of characters.


In a stunt that many viewers didn’t see coming, Mona Lisa plays an important role Glass Onion: Knife Out Mystery, with the final shot shooting crisply at the end. In a recent interview with The Empire Spoiler Special Podcast (through Collider), Johnson breaks down the intricacies of recreating one of the most famous paintings of all time and explains that a cut post-credits scene would have revealed that the painting was not destruction in the end after all. Check out Johnson’s full comment below:

“We got a talented local artist from Belgrade to do a recreation of the Mona Lisa and it was pretty amazing to put it on set. I didn’t realize this, but if you get a hobby like this, you have to destroy it when you’re done filming, if it’s a famous work of art. You have to record yourself burning the canvas because of the fake market. Daniel [Craig] we were a little worried that we were ‘killing the puppy’ by upsetting people when we destroyed the Mona Lisa, but the scene in [Mr.] Woman where he destroys ‘Whistler’s Mother’ is one of the funniest scenes in cinematic history, so I figured we could get away with this. That view is so good.

We also shot a little coda that we decided not to use, with Blanc on the phone speaking French and getting some reinforcements on ‘ah, oui, oui, merci’ and cutting to an office in the Louvre where the real Mona Lisa, with the security guards saying ‘well, back to work’. But that pulls a punch, I like that the real picture is destroyed in the film.”

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Why it’s good that the Glass Onion post-credits scene was cut

Kathryn Hahn, Madelyn Cline, Edward Norton, Leslie Odom Jr., and Kate Hudson in Glass Onion: Knives Out Mystery

Edward Norton’s Miles Bron reveals early in the film that, due to the pandemic, the Louvre museum was willing to lend him the Mona Lisa for a large sum. The painting is more than just a stylistic success, however, with Miles revealing that his goal in life is to create something that “willmentioned in the same breath as the Mona Lisa – forever“. When Blanc and Helen (Janelle Monáe) found during the Glass Onion: Knife Out MysteryAt the climax of Miles killing Helen’s sister, Andi, in an attempt to take credit for her true birth, the destruction of the Mona Lisa plays a role in his punishment. Helen uses Klear, Miles’ new volatile hydrogen energy fuel source, to destroy the painting, meaning that in addition to going down for murder, Miles’ name will forever be associated with the destruction of a masterpiece. Leonardo da Vinci.

Although it is a bold move to depict the destruction of the single most famous painting in all of human history, Johnson’s decision ultimately works well for the story and her characters. There was a post-credits scene Glass Onion: Knife Out Mystery he revealed that it was, in fact, a lie that Helen had been destroyed, that her sweet moment of revenge would be spared and that Mile’s punishment would not be so bad. While securing the safety of the real Mona Lisa may have been a welcome addition for passionate art fans, the decision would ultimately be on the Glass Onion: Knife Out Mysteryand finally much more satisfying.

What’s next for the Knives Out franchise?

Daniel Craig in Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery.

After the success of the first film in 2019, Netflix paid $250 million to secure the rights to two series, both of which would feature Johnson as director and detective Craig. With the first sequel now out, Johnson has already teased that he has ideas for it Knives out 3. It’s unclear how far along in Johnson’s writing process, but fans can be sure of that Glass Onion: Knives Out Mystery this was not the last they saw of Blanc.

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Source: The Empire Spoiler Special Podcast (via Collider)

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