Go inside Paul Nassif’s Jaw-Dropping Bel-Air mansion at Botched

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Can Dr. Nassif prevent Haylie from losing her eyes?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it Paul Nasifand Bel-Air mansion.

Indeed, his Bottle costar dr. Terry Dubrow he was amazed after seeing the new building on the E! series’ 1 Feb. episode.

“I haven’t seen Paul build houses in a long time, I can’t wait to see what it’s like,” Terry admitted before teasing his longtime BFF. “Based on my house and Paul and I, I know one thing: he will be much smaller than me.”

Once he entered the three-story house and walked past the waterfall entrance, Terry was sold. But as Paul explained, the magnificent building was necessary lots work before it became the modern masterpiece it is today.

“I’ve been building this house for over three years,” said Paul. “The first time Terry saw it, I think we only had the foundation. I know Terry likes to dabble in real estate and he’s done a good job, but, hey, look what I picked up here.”

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