Grey’s Anatomy Cast: Then and Now | Grey’s Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw to return as Arizona Robbins

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“You were just a little ahead of your time, lady,” Pompeo, pictured here with Heigl in the Different cover published in June 2023, joking in response to Heigl’s comments, and referring to the creation of Twitter.

Heigl said that since she was the star of a hit show, she then began to feel a “false sense of confidence” about getting “heralded” when it came to “certain boundaries.” [she] that she wasn’t okay with being crossed” that she didn’t know “how to fight”.

Pompeo, however, defended Heigl, and said she felt Heigl was put in a difficult position.

“But also, can I mention the incredible amount of attention that you’ve received very quickly in what seems to be another disease in this city,” Pompeo said.

“Everybody gets build, build, build, build up. They create this thing, and then pretty much wait for something to happen.”

Pompeo said: “As an outsider looking in, I saw a lot around you that had nothing to do with you, or you. Who can be the most gracious and perfect person when all that… Sure, some people are capable of it. Okay, Zendaya can do it.”

As the two’s lengthy conversation became public, Heigl and Pompeo took to social media with messages of support for each other.

“I was so happy to be asked to take part in it [Variety‘s] Actors On Actors, if for no other reason than to see my beautiful friend and catch up!”, Heigl wrote on Instagram.

“So many memories we share, this woman is such a big and wonderful part… of such a big and wonderful part of my life. i just love you [Pompeo]and I’m so grateful that we got to have this conversation together.”

Meanwhile, Pompeo simply wrote on Instagram: “Thank you for having us [Variety] love you Katie ❤️”

Read on to see what else has been happening with the Season 1 cast in recent years, and click here to read about what happened to Katherine Heigl.

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