Gutfeld: You can’t turn the country blue when you’re turning its citizens black and blue

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Happy Monday, everyone, and hello Kamala. So, we heard a lot about the wall when Trump was in office. But there is another wall when it comes to the issue of boundaries. The one between reality and what the media reports. And it’s a wall 50 times harder to break than the one Trump was building. But finally, that wall seems to be collapsing like a wicker chair under Ana Navarro. We have all seen the video of a dozen migrants attacking two policemen in Times Square. It seems that the video broke through the moat of the media that protects the left, and showed everyone what progressive policies on immigration look like. And he’s worse than Jesse Watters without his hair and makeup. Yes.

For those who support law enforcement, the images have become like the famous Rodney King video, but in reverse, and it’s hard for all of us to move on when we see the people who we provided food, shelter and money, and then defeated our defenders. and now the media and the Dems are suddenly acting like they care. Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with this whole election year thing. I guess you can’t turn the country blue when you are turning its citizens black and blue. And so here in New York, progressives are sweating like AOC trying to make a change for a quarter. Take Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, another Soros hand puppet. It was Bragg who decided not to ask for bail for the attackers, who fled New York when they were released. This is the biggest mess Al has ever made, and someone gave him a sloppy Joe in a rocking chair. Last week, Big Al gave a quick press conference trying to clean up his latest mess.

ALVIN BRAG: In Manhattan, we do not condone or condone attacks on police officers. I watched the tape this week. Disrespectful behavior. It made me sick and angry.

Sick and angry, but not enough to do anything about it – the impotent boob. Now, this is the same Bragg who said on his first day in office that the office would “seek arrangements that avoid immigration consequences.” ” That was the cause and now this is the effect. Cause and effect, Al? Just like those donuts are turning your waist into an equatorial one. Is it me, or is it telling on day one that an illegal has a get out of jail free card just isn’t a recipe for a successful prosecutor, and yet they can’t stop creating more incentives. Take New York City’s new $53 million program to provide prepaid credit cards to migrant families. Literally free money given to so-called asylum seekers.

Senate unveils long-awaited Borders legislation, HUGE CHANGES for asylum

Apparently, the pre-loaded cards are only good at grocery stores, and migrants have to sign an affidavit swearing they will only spend it on food and baby supplies. Yeah, and they also promise to make the attack easier. Then there’s New York Mayor Eric Adams, who rode into office on a promise to revamp the law and mandate one vegan school lunch at a time. Adams could revoke the city’s sanctuary status, thereby allowing cops to cooperate with ICE. Do you remember ICE? Who did the Dems consider the worst villain on Earth to do the job the Dems have to do now? But Adams, who previously said the migrant crisis would destroy New York, gee, thanks to Miss Cleo, appears to be in witness protection. Was it that time he got the FBI who took his phones and announced they were investigating him? I guess nothing furthers the understanding of the nature of Biden’s politics like an impending federal indictment.

Speaking of migration, there’s New York Governor Kathy Hochul, whose use of a turkey baster to inject Botox into her eyes is moving to Canada. Thanks to the video outcry, Hochul now says it’s worth “investigating exports.” Yeah, that’s exactly what New York needs. A bold CEO who isn’t afraid to look things up end. But only after a deep tissue massage 2 p.m. This, by the way, is the same Hochul who has not only supported the criminal justice reforms that allowed the to release immigrants but signed a law that makes it a crime to even threaten to deport someone. The only thing keeping me from getting Kat back to Detroit. Hochul might as well rescind the executive order barring New York state officials from cooperating with ICE. And she could fire Alvin Bragg for little things like not doing his job. But that will It’s a cold day in hell. Maybe that’s why her face is frozen.


Finally, there is Joe. Let’s not forget about 90 border initiatives from the Trump era that he reversed when he took office. We know that Joe certainly is. He forgets to remove his suit before entering his walk-in shower. Right now, without Congress, Biden could sign an executive order that restores Remain in Mexico, our simplest and most effective southern border policy. Or he could apply this measure directly from his government’s website and specifically mention the Venezuelan migrants, “DHS can also decide to terminate your parole at will for other purposes, such as violating any US laws. If you stay in the US. after your parole expires, officers who meet with you can refer you to ICE for immigration matters.” In other words, Joe Biden could, at will, simply order those defendants to send out as a grandson at the Biden family reunion.

I know.

But he won’t because Venezuela won’t take him back. And any semblance of common sense makes him agree with the big meanie orange meanie. In addition to this, large groups of illegals from China have recently been seen pouring into the southern border. On “60 Minutes,” a steady stream straight through a gap in the fence. Who could have seen that coming? And so now the Senate Dems are collaborating with Republicans on an immigration deal. It even includes the building of that immoral wall we hear so much about. Sure, they want to make it out of paper mache and cotton candy, but at least it’s a start.

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Suddenly, the Dems are a lot like you know who. It’s the same old Democratic specialty: push policy that sounds good but is bad. Then, when it causes the expected chaos, turn to Republicans to try to clean it up, burn it and repeat. They are a mess of junkies who are addicted to dumb. Joe, Chuck and Nancy. How about a dose of common sense for once? And when the country needs it? Not when you’re afraid of being thrown out on your ha**es.

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