Hannity: New Gallup polls give Joe Biden a lot more trouble

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Fox News host Sean Hannity reveals President Biden’s struggles with key demographics that helped elect him in 2020 on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Now, the Nevada primary was last night. Remember, Trump was not on the ballot. He will participate in the caucus tomorrow. That’s the vote that really counts for the RNC delegates. I’m not sure what Nikki Haley’s team was thinking, but they chose that participate in the Nevada primary despite the fact that agents are not involved. And she does not participate in the caucus. It was one or the other. This is where things got a little weird. In the Nevada primary, well, voters are allowed to choose “none of these candidates” on the ballot. That option expired yesterday beating Nikki Haley over 30 points. Now, Nikki Haley’s home state of South Carolina is leading the way. Now, the question must be asked. After a third-place finish in Iowa in the caucuses there, a double-digit loss in New Hampshire, last night’s numbers, you know, the question is if Nikki Haley doesn’t win her home state, which way she has to name them? We will be asking her in an upcoming interview.

TRUMP WORLD, Democrats unite in targeting NIKKI HALEY after losing to ‘literally no one’ in nevada primary

All right. According to the Real Clear Politics average, so far, she is losing by more than 30 points to former President Donald Trump in her home state of South Carolina. And talking about polls, we have state-of-the-art Gallup surveys. They will give Joe Biden a lot more trouble, as the Democrats are now struggling with very key demographics that helped elect him in 2020. Check out the 2023 polls all of it. the lowest since 1999, and the margin with Hispanic voters is now the lowest since 2011, down to just 12 points. But it’s not just small voters that Democrats are struggling with.

They are also losing ground with young voters, according to a Gallup poll. Their advantage with voters between 18 and 29 years old is now only eight points. That’s the lowest since 2005. And while the Democrats and Biden are struggling in the polls overall, perhaps no one has suffered a bigger polling crisis than your giggling vice president. That’s right, Vice President Harris.

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Well, according to a new NBC study, [she] now has a favorable rating of only 28%, compared to 53% who have a negative view of her. And as Democrats continue to slide in those polls, the Supreme Courtthey are ready to hear arguments about the left’s effort to get Trump off the ballot in Colorado tomorrow.

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