How a fan accidentally helped Jordan Spieth make the cut at the 2023 Players Championship

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If you’re just now looking at the 2023 Players Championship leaderboard, you’ll see Jordan Spieth sitting well inside the cut line at even after 36 holes. But it almost went completely differently for Spieth at the end of his second round on Friday.

You see, Spieth bogeyed a hard one on the 9th (his last hole of the day) that was definitely going in the water. Instead he hit a fan and bounced back into play with Spieth making an eagle to go from 2 over to even par.

Those at 2 over may still make the cut, but those sitting at even and 1 over will certainly be going into the weekend, so Spieth and co have that supporter -continue to give thanks for what will surely come early Saturday morning.

“He was going into one of the waters, and I believe he hit the track of the cart and jumped short of the boy’s knee and then went out on the track on forward,” Spieth said after his round. “The way it went off, it also went off the knee, up in the air, over some of the water. I mean, it’s the equivalent of flying green towards danger and hitting a platform and coming back. On the green in a way, I might have to make a birdie to make the cut, I can’t really make a birdie to drop it over in the right rough over there after I hit my third. It would be one in a million. , I ended up doing 3.”

He continued: “A lot of times, I feel bad about that and I don’t focus on the next shot, but I hit a 3-wood right where I wanted to and I hit a chip right where I was wanted, so I was ‘I’m very happy to return from there. Then suddenly they were as Joe, Max’s caddy, said he got a big kick [and] it is in the way. I don’t know what he can beat over there but a man.”

With his last eagle, Spieth finally signed for a 3-over 75 to follow up his 69 Thursday. end However, Spieth has that opportunity, a break that hasn’t been missed on the three-time major champion.

“I got a really lucky break on 9 or I wouldn’t be playing on the weekend,” Spieth said. “Trying to get that guy’s information and see literally whatever he wants at the end- this week because everything from now on is because he hit it.”

Follow live coverage of the Players Championship leaderboard throughout Round 2.

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