How far will the US go in attacking Iran-linked targets in the Middle East? | News

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Washington has carried out attacks against pro-Iranian groups in Syria and Iraq.

The United States says it has attacked at least 85 targets in Iraq and Syria, using long-range bombers flown directly from the US.

They were made in response to a drone attack on a military base in Jordan last weekend, which killed three American soldiers.

Armed groups backed by Iran are targeting the US for supporting Israel’s war on Gaza.

President Joe Biden says the US attacks are just the beginning of their retaliation.

So how will Iran respond? And could this lead to wider regional conflict?

Presenter: Adrian Finigan


Mohammad Marandi – Professor at Tehran University

Renad Mansour – Senior Research Fellow and director of the Iraq Initiative at Chatham House

Lawrence Korb – Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and former US defense secretary

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