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Jack Osbourne
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Jack Osbourne he was the last famous employer to leave Special Forces: The toughest test in the world season 2. During the November 13 episode, the 38-year-old was forced to medically withdraw from the show after visiting the doctor over his high heart rate. Hollywood life he spoke to Jack only about leaving the selection process prematurely.

“I was exhausted, like I was so tired,” Jack said. “I didn’t want to leave. They forgot to take my watch when I went in there because we were all covered up the whole time. I didn’t say anything and I have a smartwatch that monitors your heart rate and all that. For what might have been 48 hours before I went to the doctor – not that we had much time just hanging around the bunkhouse – I was checking my heart rate, and it was just going between 100 and 110 beats per minute. It was just me lying there.”

He continued, “The morning I asked to see the doctor, I had a warning saying that your heart rate is abnormally high. Normally, my resting heart rate, like when I sleep, goes down to 48. This was never going below 90. I just thought they would give me something and I would all right. The doctor was like, we can’t give anything so you have to go and go to the hospital right away. “

Jack Osbourne
Jack Osbourne on season 2 of ‘Special Forces’. (FOX)

Jack admitted that the whole situation was “very devastating” for him. After leaving the show, doctors spent weeks “trying to figure out” why his heart rate was so high. He found an answer in a friend.

“One of my best friends, he’s a retired medic from the Special Forces,” Jack explained. “I talked to him the other day and he said, ‘Hey, are you bull***ing me? Because you said you had to tap out. You seem to be going strong.’ And I was like, ‘No, I was medically withdrawn.’ He asked me what happened, and he said to me, “My heart wouldn’t go down.” It’s like, ‘Dude, in an election, that’s just from a potassium deficiency. Literally, you’d just have to eat a bunch of bananas or take some potassium supplements, and you’d be fine.’”

While he was with the doctor, the rest of the recruits had one of the toughest challenges. They were put in a helicopter and put under water. “I’d be fine with that,” Jack said. “I would have been fine with the fight after that. The whole reason I went there was because I wanted to fight the Red Man.”

The trials faced by celebrity recruits during season 2 were grueling. However, Jack pointed out that the challenges were actually the “easiest part” of it Special Forces experience “The challenges don’t last more than a minute or two,” the reality star said. “They’re scary. There’s a lot of heights. There’s a lot of weird things you have to do, but physically, it’s not for- Really kicks your ass. The hard stuff is always running everywhere with a heavy-ass backpack, and it just wears on you. There’s always such anxiety, and it just doesn’t translate on camera, which is really hard because the psychological part is the hard part.”

During his run on the show, Jack opened up about being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. “The sweet irony here is that I had to pass out because of a random heart thing and not even an MS-related issue,” Jack said. Hollywood life. “He didn’t present me with a problem. I do a lot of physical things. I didn’t care much about it. It’s always kind of in the back of your mind, but it wasn’t like it was at the forefront. If anything, it was only brought up because the DS would bring it up or in conversation with the other soldiers, but it wasn’t a big deal to me. I am very lucky when it comes to dating. I’m in a pretty healthy place with it.”

Jack also revealed that his parents, Sharon and Ozzy Osbournehe answered connected Special Forces season 2. Turns out, Sharon wasn’t watching until last week!

Jack Osbourne
Jack Osbourne during his run on ‘Special Forces.’ (FOX)

“It was funny. I was up at my mother’s house on Saturday night. I asked her, ‘Did you see any of the show?’ And she’s like, ‘No. Where can I get it?’ So I put her up on Hulu with it, and she watched the whole thing,” Jack said. “She called me yesterday and was asking me all kinds of questions. I don’t think they understood what I was doing. We are busy all the time too. It’s one of those things where someone says, ‘Oh, I’m working on a show.’ You’re just like, ‘Okay, bye.’ And don’t overthink it.”

The Portals to Hell the star said it was “very difficult” not to talk to new wife Aree Gearhart while he was competing. “There was a bunch of sh*t going on at home. My daughter got sick. It was hard, so she was happy when I called and said I’m coming home,” Jack said. Special Forces on Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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