How long were Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dating?

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There is something tight about it famous couples. In public, it’s perfectly symmetrical faces and twin sets of 50 odd glorious teeth, but there’s always the sense that the breakup is going to be loud and controversial and lead to your divorce. looking tame in comparison, even after you’ve lost the van. and good television. Sometimes they get into tabloid-touted fights. Sometimes they plant peas in their beds.

But sometimes you get high profile romances that are rather quiet, like the one between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They dated, then broke up, and have had nothing but good things to say about each other ever since. Neither (as far as the public can ascertain) put any lump in any beds, shared or otherwise. If so, they have had good taste to keep it to themselves.

Stone and Garfield first met on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man, a movie about the world’s most attractive high schooler who got bitten by bugs so he could punch giant berries hard. The film started shooting at the end of 2010, and at the same time the following year, the couple were seen together, all social and canoodling.

The next few years were interesting, if relatively quiet, considering. Largely free of the public drama inherent in most movie stars, Stone and Garfield continued to say warm and supportive things about each other in interviews, talking to each other on the international press tour for The amazing spider-man 2 without going into the details of the internal and external relationship. In 2014, Garfield hosted saturday night live, and Stone featured prominently during his monologue and in a particularly tongue-in-cheek Spider-Man sketch.

By October 2015, sources had called People that Garfield and Stone had called things off after taking a break earlier this year to work on projects on opposite sides of the world. All told, their time together lasted about four years, and, in the pantheon of relationships between Spider-Man stars, it’s just about medium.

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