How room entry and exit work for Rivian EVs

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Rivian’s Roomy Entry and Exit feature allows drivers and passengers to customize the steering wheel and seat position to their individual needs.

RiabhaThe Roomy Entry and Exit feature allows drivers to customize the entry and exit for their electric models. Rivian is one of many companies competing for market share in the growing EV scene. Its R1T pickup is pitted against Ford’s F-150 Lightning and GMC’s Hummer EV. The competition among electric trucks is set to intensify, with Chevrolet set to begin delivering the electric Silverado this year. The Tesla Cybertruck is another upcoming electric pickup truck, although production is not expected to begin this year. Meanwhile, Rivian’s R1S SUV is battling the BMW iX, Genesis GV60 EV, and more.


Basically, Roomy Entry and Exit makes it more convenient for Rivian drivers and passengers to get in and out of the SUV or pickup. Before it can work, the driver must set the steering wheel and their preferred seat position. The good news is that there is no limit to the number of drivers who can personalize the settings. To register a position, drivers should use the vehicle entry screen found in the center display and the ‘set position’ button located under the feature name. Through the thumb controls placed on the left and right side of the steering wheel, drivers can set the reach and height to suit their needs.

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Customizing Roomy entry and exit

Rivian car seat designed with Roomy Entry and Exit controls

Just as drivers can adjust the reach and height of the steering wheel, this feature allows them to recline or recline their seats. It is also possible to move the seats forward or backward through the controls located on the lower left side. To save a setting, drivers simply need to tap the ‘Remember the situation’ button. By doing this, the R1S or R1T will record the settings immediately and apply them every time the EV is parked and the seat belts are unbuckled.

Friends and family members can bring in their steering wheel and seats once invited to do so using the Rivian mobile app. The EV will activate the preferred changes based on the key card, phone, or key fob used to access the door. While Rivian offers unlimited steering wheel and seat positions, only two drivers can use the smartphone as a key feature to activate this mode. To cancel seat and steering wheel movements, drivers should tap the side button or the scroll wheel buttons found on the steering wheel. To edit a saved setting or start over, users must either press ‘Change position’ or’Don’t forget the situation’ controls, respectively.

It is worth noting that there are some situations where Roomy Entry and Exit will not be available. When a person’s driving position is the same as what is registered as their preferred seating and steering position, this feature will not be activated. It is also possible that objects are kept in the wells of the rear seat to prevent the driver’s seat from reaching a set position. The Kneel Mode is another convenience-based addition that lowers the height of the EV once activated for easy entry and exit. Riabha says drivers can use the Roomy Entry and Exit feature along with Kneel Mode for a better experience.

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