How the AI ​​news app made by Instagram co-founders works

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The co-founders of Instagram are back, this time with Artifact, a personalized news app powered by artificial intelligence. Here’s how the app works.

Artifact is an AI news app made by the co-founders of Instagram. Ever since ChatGPT exploded, several new AI-powered products have been announced, some made with OpenAI and some without. Snapchat recently announced its My AI chatbot, and Spotify introduced a new AI DJ feature. Meanwhile, Microsoft includes ChatGPT in everything from Bing to the Windows 11 taskbar.

Artifact is a news platform that delivers a personalized feed of curated topics using AI. The app is available for both Android and iOS, and users can choose to register or use it without an account. Users must then select at least 10 topics from the provided list, such as Technology Companies, Stocks, Health, Parenting, Fashion, Travel, Celebs, Home Products, Recipes, Restaurants, Wine & Beverages, and more. Then, select newsletter subscriptions, if any, from the menu ‘Add paid subscriptions’. After this, Artifact will display a feed of selected news articles under the ‘for youtab. Tap other tabs at the top to move between selected categories. If you click on an article in the feed, it will open it in a new window, and when opened, it will be locked out to indicate that it has already been read.

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Artifact displays your personalized news feed

Image of Artifact App Screenshots from the phone.

The app also has a ‘Read Later’ feature, which users can access by tapping the Bookmark icon at the bottom of an open article. Share button allows users to share the article through other apps. In an article, tap the thumbs down button to see fewer articles by the publisher or topic, or to report a problem with an article. There are also options to increase or decrease the font size, enable dark mode, or enable Reader Mode. Users must open at least 25 articles in two weeks to start receiving personalized articles in the news.

Artifact was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who co-founded Instagram and made it successful. Powered by machine learning, Artifact can gather the information based on a user’s reading habits and generate personalized results in a scrolling feed, familiar to users of social media apps. To keep things interesting, Artifact also tracks a user’s progress and awards them badges after reading a number of articles. When you read 50 articles, the user will receive a Super Reader community badge.

Users can tap their profile icon in the app to view their reading stats. This is also where they can find their bookmarked articles and view their reading history, a useful tool if they want to find an article they read earlier but forgot to save. Artifact was previously released to a limited number of users, but is now available for anyone to try. Artifact makes it easy for users to browse topics of interest without the hassle of a social media app, and has the added benefit of not requiring the use of an account.

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