How to activate the Silent Hill Easter Egg

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Map of the hospital A demonologist holds an Easter egg that players can activate that references the iconic horror series A quiet hill. Undoubtedly a heavy inspiration for many scary titles, the developers of the game has been silent on this hidden node in particular Silent Hill 4: The Room. Players who discover a special but terrifying place on this map are in for a shocking discovery that will lead them back to the events of a mysterious town.


Before they even search, players can’t find this Easter egg without it first open the Hospital map. Out of the three maps in A demonologistincluding the Abandoned House and Cyclone Street, only the Hospital can be visited when players reach level 10. This can take a long time to reach, so it is recommended that players complete all objectives when in-game to earn the most XP, such as finding cursed items.

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How to find the Silent Hill Easter Egg

Demonologist Hospital Map unlocked at Level 10 by Players

The easiest way is to find the Easter egg search every bathroom in the hospital until you find one with a a big hole in the wall. The hole will be surrounded by demonic symbols referring to it Hello sun. This Halo is a direct symbol of The Order, an internal cult Silent hill 4 whose symbols represent different religions and are directly involved in the events of that game.

How to activate the hospital hole

Demonologist Hospital Hole with Demonic Runes Silent Hill 4 Easter Egg

Like most of the secrets seen in it A demonologist‘s Starting Hubs, the Hospital Hub reference must be activated from players speak a specific word into their microphone. Standing in front of the hole in the wall and says “Room” plays a quick jump scare like an Easter Egg. The creature that emerges from this place looks like one of the supernatural enemies of Henry Townshend, the main character Silent hill 4I needed a face.

Players must say the word “Room“in face the hole in one of the bathrooms on the Hospital map to the A quiet hill Easter egg.

Fortunately, unlike whatever ghost players hunt at the Hospital, this creature does not attack and instead is an unexpected fear. Other monsters are not from A quiet hill lurking around the other two maps, but there are other hidden terrors and achievements waiting to be explored. As soon as players learn how to implement the A quiet hill Easter egg in A demonologistthey may have a better idea of ​​how to solve other mysteries.

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