How to find (and destroy) a Mercenary Convoy

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One of the missions given in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies during Act 1 of the story is to find and destroy a Mercenary Convoy full of enemy soldiers.

Mercenary convoys appear as you explore the Urzikstan map in Call of duty modern war 3and Zombies mode acts as enemies that you need to find and destroy for a specific mission. Although these groups of people seem hard to find, they tend to appear around the same places. You or your team must face these rogue soldiers and the waves of undead that attack from all sides at the same time.

An attack on a mercenary convoy comes from the Mission level 2 new called Interceptor in Act 1 of the story for Today war 3 Zombies. You may have seen one or two of these military groups before while exploring the vast territories of Urzikstan either alone or with a team. Your goal for this particular contract requires you get a key card held by the mercenaries while avoiding certain death from the zombie outbreak.

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How to find a Mercenary convoy in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies find and fight a mercenary convoy for a story mission

The only way to find a mercenary convoy find bridges and roads around Urzikstan since the enemy teams spawn in random locations during each of your missions. When you fall on the map, those soldiers do not appear on your TacMap. However, when a mercenary convoy spawns, you will receive a message informing you that the group is nearby to follow your team. Zombies in Call of duty modern war 3.

All zones are in Urzikstan various problems based on the severity of the zombie outbreak. Mercenary factions are tougher when encountered in areas near the high-level red areas of the map and mid-level orange sections.

When you come across a convoy, he continued and try delete the drivers of the vehicles of the enemy group from afar. Usually yes three cars which the mercenaries use for transport, carrying a number of soldiers who start spilling out and attacking when prompted by incoming Zombies MW3. You must kill every enemy in the convoy to “destroy” the mercenary team while remembering that zombies are still a threat during the fire.

After all threats have been neutralized, look around for the highest ranking soldier among the dead. Finding the blue key card completing your mission, allowing you or your team to exit the map and earn rewards in Call of duty modern war 3 Zombies to destroy the mercenary convoy.

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