How to increase skills in Blacktail

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Unlocking skills in the Fantasy Adventure FPS Blacktail is a refreshing change from the ‘level up, unlock skill point’ gameplay.

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  • How to get lost leaves and teeth

Skill development in Black tail, a fantasy adventure first-person shooter, with an implementation as unique and interesting as the game’s story. In Black tail, a young archer named Yaga tries to rescue her sister and her friends who have been kidnapped by the evil witch Baba. Equipped with a bow, a handful of tools, and just a little bit of magic, a large part of the game is built around collecting resources to improve Yaga’s skill set.

Instead of the traditional ‘level up, earn skill points’ common in video games, Yaga’s skills require consuming resources scattered around the map. In other words, the player creates their skills. In some ways, the gameplay can feel like skinning a rabbit in The Dark Ship or collecting charcoal ARK: Survival Evolved. Collect items to improve crafting tools or get new skills.


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How to Learn New Skills

Blacktail Skill Tree

Skills can only be crafted by bringing materials to the cauldron inside The Hut, a place the player is introduced to early on and can be traveled back to by interacting with the Black Cat. The basic materials needed for this are Red Herbs, Eyes, Honey, Wood, Feathers, Crystals, and Shells, all of which can be found with a quick look almost anywhere. Then there are two special items, Lost Pages and Teeth, which are harder to find because they are hidden.

All the different skills are valuable, especially the different arrow type recipes, which, as in Valheim and other games, able to make difficult enemies much easier to deal with.

How to get lost leaves and teeth

Blacktail Yaga's hut in the forest with many creatures at night illuminated by Crescent Moon

Lost Pages unlock the recipe for a bunch of special Skills, like the Lost Page of Sticky Arrows, and are consumed when used. The only ingredient required for every skill in the Yaga tree is teeth. Usually, it’s only one or two, so it’s not on the level of basic items, but it adds up quickly. Both Lost Teeth and Leaves can be found in regular chests and Chest Beasts. Lost Pages can also be found by opening Warden Treasures or progressing Blacktail’s main story.

While collecting all the items for skills, players will quickly find that they have limited Inventory Space, as in Coral Island and other resource games. This can also be upgraded at The Cauldron but it’s not too much of an issue thanks to him Blacktail’s Bag Toad automatically collects excess material and stores it away for later access.

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