How to repair weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Realm

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  • How to repair armor, shields, and bows

While The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm he improved Zelda: BOTWweapon durability to some extent by allowing players to fuse items to them, it still hurts to craft something strong, only to lose it after a fight or two. For this reason, the developers were kind enough to hunt down a secret way to repair important weapons.


Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as hunting down a blacksmith and paying to fix it. Instead, he asks players to keep an eye on Octoroks over the Zelda: TOTK‘ a map that separates the army that was dropped and then returned, repaired. Although it is strange, it is convenient not to lose more valuable weapons.

Where to find Okoroks

Location of Octorok in the Eldin Region of TOTK

As pointed out by Austin John Plays on Youtube, these special octopus-like enemies are scattered around the surface of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdombut it is the easiest area to find them Eldin areajust outside of Goron City. Although they are sometimes buried in the ground at first, they will emerge and reveal themselves when they are close enough. It is recommended that players mark their spawn areas on the map for future reference. Additionally, interact with the Shrine in Goron City so that Link has a fast travel point nearby when he needs to return to repair weapons.

While Octoroks cleaned rusted armor in Zelda: BOTW, they don’t do that here. Instead, they are only repair as one of the story features of Tears of the Kingdom it’s that all the weapons are corroded, which gives the Fuse ability its value.

How to repair armor, shields, and bows

A spicy Octorok with Link standing in front of it

Once you have found Octorok, the process is very simple. They begin their usual pattern of attacks, and all Link has to do is drop the damaged weapon in front of him, so he will drink it up the next time he breathes. Once that happens, a glowing effect will appear over the Octorok before it ejects the weapon, all bright and fresh. Although this is not a solution for the weapon stability problems there Zelda: TOTKthis, along with the ability to Fuse, makes it more frustrating than in BOTW.

Link can destroy the Octorok after plucking the weapon. However, each Okorok only repairs one weaponso once they are all found and used, Link must kill them and wait for a blood moon to respawn.

Although it is a simple process, there are some things to remember. Not all Weapons, Shields, or Bows can be repaired, but that mostly applies to some of the ones that can be obtained through Zelda Amiibos for Tears of the Kingdom. In addition, the Octorok will not only repair the weapon, but will give it a little boost. The boosts are completely random, so there’s no way to get a specific one without creating a save file right before and reloading until it gives you the buff of your choice. No matter how tired, this ability to fix things The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm it’s still a great way to keep a valuable weapon.

Source: Youtube/Austin John Plays

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