How to survive the thickest ending explained – Who will Mavis choose in her love triangle

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Warning! This article contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 of Survival Of The ThickestLike many of Netflix’s best romantic comedies, Season 1 will come to an end Long live the Strongest it ended on a high as fans finally saw Mavis come to a conclusion about the love triangle she was in. In this series, a woman named Mavis (Michelle Buteau) discovers that her boyfriend Jacque (Taylor Sele) is cheating on her and moves to Brooklyn. She tries to develop her career as a top stylist while also navigating life as a single woman in New York City. Mavis finds solace by going to the drag club, CC Bloom, with her best friends Marley (Tasha Smith) and Khalil (Tone Bell).



Mavis has a good relationship with a drag queen named Peppermint, who helps her get styling jobs. After a successful career, Mavis’ style brand flourishes. At one of her jobs, she meets a man named Luca (Marouane Zotti) who she quickly falls for. Meanwhile, her ex-girlfriend Jacque is trying to get her back into a relationship. At the end of season 1, Mavis meets a non-adventurous teenager named Billy (Misha Osherovich) who is confused by the gender dress code for the prom. With the help of Peppermint, she throws an inclusive prom and styles anyone who attends.

Why Mavis chooses Luca over Jacque

Mavis looks at Luca and Jacque looks at them from the other side.

Mavis meets with Jacque to clear the air, and he tells her that he has changed. Despite this, she refuses to go back with him, insisting that she just wanted to part amicably. Later in the series, when Mavis ends up in the hospital, Jacque makes the unilateral decision that he is going to marry Mavis, even though they are not together. He goes to her parents and asks for their blessing. This choice shows that Jacque has not changed in the way he says. He is still thinking about himself and his desires instead of considering Mavis.

When Mavis finds out that Jacque is planning to propose Long live the Strongest, it is from her overbearing parents who urge her to accept it. Mavis feels the pressure to get her mother’s approval, a point emphasized when she is high in the warm room. She thinks she is on the phone talking to her mother and says she wishes her mother would support her instead of questioning her choices. Besides, Mavis wants to have children. With all these factors, saying yes to Jacque was the easy choice. That made her mother happy, and she could start pursuing motherhood right away.

However, Mavis can’t get Luca out of her head. With every situation of thinking or thinking about it, she realizes that her feelings run deeper than she thinks. In the end, Mavis ends the relationship and flies out to Italy to see Luca. By choosing Luca, Mavis shows that she has become more secure, needing less approval for her choices. Luca may not have made as much logical sense as Jacque, but he always showed himself to be a loving and supportive partner. It will be interesting to see if this support continues Survival of the fittest season 2.

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Mavis’ Big Career Breakout & Why She Turns Down Natasha’s Job Offer

Mavis walks into a room with mannequins in costumes.

At the beginning of the Long live the Strongest, Mavis works as an assistant who wants to build a brand as a fashion stylist. She has a keen eye for fashion, as seen in the opening photo shoot. Mavis gets her big break when Peppermint sets her up with a styling job with a 90s supermodel named Natasha Karina (Garcelle Beauvais). After arranging a gorgeous dress for Natasha, they go to the event. Natasha slithers down the aisle at her husband’s funeral, gives a speech, and drops a sex toy in his casket. While it’s live streaming right now, Peppermint is asking people to use the #MavisKills tag.

The whole event goes viral, creating hype for the Mavis brand. She is asked to style some of the other drag queens at the drag club, CC Bloom. In addition, she works in Nicole Byer’s couture style and also works in inclusive prom style work for all ages at CC Bloom. Because of her jealousy of Mavis’ success, Natasha calls Mavis over and offers her an exclusive styling position that pays $10,000 a month. However, Mavis declines the job offer, saying that she wants to build a brand with several clients rather than just one.

Mavis’s choice to reject Natasha’s offer may put her in a precarious financial position; however, it shows that she is willing to take a risk for herself. She clearly believes that she is capable of building something beautiful and meaningful with her brand. In the end, Mavis seems to be happiest when she designs for the clothing shoot, inclusive proms, or events with progressive and curious individuals. However, with Natasha’s surprise appearance again at the end of the season, Season 2 can showcase Mavis style for Natasha again while also building her brand. Additionally, she may explore Natasha’s emotional journey to be more uncertain.

Mavis’s Prom Speech Explained

Mavis and Peppermint are dressed up and excited at an inclusive prom full of clouds and stars.

Like several great prom movies, the Long live the Strongest The season 1 finale sees Mavis give a big speech at the inclusive event. Her words are aimed at the prom attendees but especially at the show’s viewers. The speech tells people who are different that they should expect more for themselves, rather than settle for what is bad in the world. It also reminds older people that it’s okay to dream and work for something they want. Mavis ends the speech with this statement: “I hope your wildest fantasies become your reality because dreaming big – makes life worth living.” “

The speech was a break from the running in Long live the Strongest. Most of the show gives viewers a chance to respite from the current political situation. Mavis’s speech was a moment of concern though. Actor Michelle Buteau spoke to him Decision about this time, saying, “This is a love letter to […] the people who feel that they are rejected and that they are not seen, heard, loved, or beautiful. F*ck that. You f**king beautiful” This message was important to Bute because she wanted to combat the ongoing attacks against minorities.

Will the thickest season 2 happen?

Mavis and Marley laugh at a club table in Survival Of The Thickest.

After the release Long live the Strongest season 1, many fans are calling for season 2. Michelle Buteau interviewed Decision telling them she wouldn’t even think about doing it Long live the Strongest season 2 until their basic rights are met, referring to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Shortly after the interview, the Studio Actors Guild-SAG-AFTRA voted to join the strike. As a member of both associations, Buteau joined the picket lines, confirming her involvement on Instagram.

Once the strikes are settled, Long live the Strongest there are many stories he can use Long live the Strongest season 2. At the end of season 1, Mavis went to Italy to see Luca, greeting each other with a kiss. This shows that she is looking for a better work-life balance. In addition, Marley began to explore her identity as a queer woman, and Khalil fought with his girlfriend India (Anissa Felix) about being a part of her child’s life. Long live the Strongest You can explore these stories further in season 2.

Sources: Decision and Michelle Buteau’s Instagram

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